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Tevo Tarantula Kit de 3D Impressora
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Tevo Tarantula Kit de 3D Impressora

- Preto EUA Plugue 212499201

200 x 200 x 200 mm + Tela LCD + 0,4 mm Bocal
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Aviso Legal:

● Por favor, leia e siga atentamente o manual do usuário antes de montar ou operar a impressora 3D.

● A modificação e personalização da impressora 3D são estritamente proibidas. Não nos responsabilizamos por quaisquer problemas resultantes de modificações.

● Sempre use a tensão AC correta para sua região.

● Por favor, não coloque a impressora 3D perto de materiais inflamáveis / combustíveis ou de fontes de calor.

● Use a impressora 3D somente em áreas adequadamente ventiladas. Mantenha uma distância segura da impressora.

Teva Tarantula Kit de impressora 3D 

Principais características:

● Área de impressão é de 200 x 200 x 200mm

● A extrusora de metal completa (E3D) é altamente tolerante à maioria das condições de impressão e foi projetada para aceitar a grande maioria dos filamentos no mercado, podendo até ser executada em temperaturas mais altas

● Placas de alumínio anodizado sólido são fresadas CNC para ajuste preciso, extrema rigidez

● A tela LCD mostra suas informações de impressão diretamente e fácil para você manipular



Marcas: Tevo
Modelo: Tarantula
Tipo: DIY
Área da gravura: 200 x 200 x 200 mm
Quantidade de bocal: Solteiro
Diâmetro do bocal: 0,4 milímetros
Temperatura do bico: Temperatura do quarto a 260 graus
Espessura da camada: 0,05-0,4mm
Impressão offline do cartão de memória: SD cartão
Tela LCD: Sim
Velocidade de impressão: 150mm/s
Material de apoio: ABS,PLA flexível,náilon,PETG,PLA,PVC,Madeira
Diâmetro de material: 1,75 milímetros
Língua: Inglês
Formato de arquivo: G-code,STL
Precisão de posicionamento XY-eixo: 0,012 milímetros
Precisão de posicionamento do eixo Z: 0,004 milímetros
peso do produto: Embalagem desmontada
Sistema Suportado: Windows, Linux, Mac

Dimensões e Peso

Peso do Produto: 7,5000 kg
Peso do Pacote: 9,3000 kg

Tevo Tarantula Kit de 3D Impressora- Preto EUA Plugue

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  • mr tech therapy
    tevo tarantula 3D printer
    This 3D printer is very good for i'ts price.
    Advantages :
    First this 3D printer reaches the hight temperatures fast and easily.
    It's extruder is awesome and you can use a wide variety of fillaments!!!
    The 3D prints that i have already make are very good and have very good quality.
    One more advantage is that when it prints something it quiet enough that i can print things in any time i want without making a lot of noise.
    Disadvantages :
    The maine disadvantage is tha the extruder sometimes gets stuck with filament and it doesn't print if it stucks,so you have to make the print again.(if you make slower the motor of the extruder it's ok)
    The second disadvantage is tha it needs some extra upgrades.(ordering 2 extra fans and printing some piaces for more strength)

    In conclusion if you are new in 3D printing and have a budget at 200$ this is the best choise for you!!!!!
    If you are intrested more about 3D printers just wait a little bit and collect more monay so you can buy a better but more expensive 3D printer

    Oct 29,2018

  • Devil231
    Good printer
    The printer is good as long as you take your time to assemble and tweak it.
    Also the price is low and the shipping is fast if you choose priority shipping (the courier will bring it at your door).
    It comes with two rolls of filament of 0.25kg each (the colors and material are sent randomly but you'll likely get PLA).
    You can find a lot of videos on how to assemble, calibrate or change the firmware of the printer.
    Also there is an official facebook group from where you can get a lot of help.
    Overall if you're on a budget and you don't mind tweaking or printing some parts you can't go wrong with Tevo Tarantula.
    Also there are some cons that I have mentioned in this review
    First of all:
    Get rid of the included SD Card! (See the pictures) - It will corrupt each and every file written on it.
    Buy a lot of M4/M5 washers otherwise you risk to crack the acrylic!
    Take your time to assemble it and tweak it!
    Take your time to learn how the eccentric nuts works!
    Buy ferrules!
    You need to buy some plugs, washers, fans... so if you're on a budget you will have to include the cost of them.

    Mar 17,2018

  • Alfredo Espinoza
    Better than a friends 3d printer
    Because of the price and the quality ofthe print compared with other printers
    What a i disliked the most was that the lcd that came with it was not working properly, but got one easily and that was it, what i like the most is the printing quality.
    The advantage is the price, although you will have to work on the printer to print at high speed with reasonable quality.
    The one thing I recomend is that if you are going to buy this printer, you are willing to read manuals, do some research and spend some more on add ons, but I believe is worth it. This is a printer for engineers and technitians,
    Just for some people it might be a burden that it has to be assembled

    Apr 06,2018

  • Eduard
    Great product for best price!
    It came earlier then expected (almost 1 month) and through a private courier rather then the postal customs so i had no difficulties with receiving the package (in Romania the customs officers are a real pain in the a...).
    Packing was incredibly organized and everything labeled properly.
    Quality is great especially for this price.
    It came with 2 spools of PLA filament of 0.2KG each and it's somehow gradient (i'm not sure about this term) and it changes the color as you use more of it (it can be seen in the photos down below).
    Terrible manual that skips important steps and confuses you rather then help you go easily through the building process.
    The acrylic bed carriage has the large holes rather larger then it should and i had to watch a step by step tutorial to see how to properly fix the calibration of the wheels because it would wooble terribly.
    No spatula to remove item from print bed.
    No grease for the rod.
    Stock firmware MUST be upgraded (i downloaded the Tevo-Tarantula-Marlin-1.1-RC7-BugFix--master after googling solutions for firmware upgrade).

    Feb 11,2018

  • Darek
    It's my second DIY printer and I was surprised this time that all parts were prepared in their bags for each step.
    Installation was very easy, that's 2017 updated version and both, old and new Tevo Titan extruders were in the package. Of course two smokey filament spools were inside.
    I can't stop smiling watching how beautiful prints come from this printer.
    Great price, can upgrade it with longer aluminium profiles....what can I say more.
    Thank you for fast shipping and great product.
    Great packaging, nothing to add to improve. Realli nice DIY set.

    Dec 23,2017

  • Japree
    Tevo tarantula reached Germany from China
    Got my Tarantula today !!!

    Ordered from Gearbest for 130€. From China warehouse to Germany. No customs tax.

    Use coupon code : Tarantula11DE

    Ordered on Nov 18 and got today (22/12/2017)

    Got 2 filament rolls, sd card, titan extruder
    Tracking updated a little late.

    Dec 23,2017

  • Libor
    Very nice quality for the money
    Very good entry point into world of 3D printing. It´s my first 3D printer and after assembly I´m even glad I chosen this cheaper diy kit than pre-assembled one . If you have no experience in mechanics you can expect about 8 hours of build time + some calibration works but you will also learn a lot along the way to completion. Time will tell if I keep up with this hobby but currently I consider myself hooked
    I dont really have any negatives to say other than that Z axis stepper motor acrylic holder broke after I tried to lubricate threaded rod but that was completely my fault. Just don´t treat this printer as foolproof product and you will be fine. Anyway I´am printing replacement as original part still somehow holds some integrity.
    There were some T-nuts which had uncentered threadings and one without threading at all but that isnt much of a deal and can be replaced very cheaply

    Feb 01,2018

  • Gazpacho soup
    Good for the value
    If you enjoy tinkering and if you would love to learn how 3D printing works, this is the printer for you. It is not easiest model to complete but it gives you a lot of space for upgrades and improving of the print quality. I can't recommend for people that are absolutely inexperienced in electronics and tinkering, however even with my low amount of knowledge I managed to get this printer working and really enjoyed messing around it.

    Nov 29,2018

  • J
    Great product
    Good package. Need some update to get better printing quaility. Good package. Need some update to get better printing quaility.Good package. Need some update to get better printing quaility.Good package. Need some update to get better printing quaility.Good package. Need some update to get better printing quaility.Good package. Need some update to get better printing quaility.Good package. Need some update to get better printing quaility.

    Oct 28,2018

  • Gearbest Customer
    Very nice first 3D printer!
    -very good price, especially when on offer.
    -quality of the conponents ist good.
    -prints quite nicely
    -heated bed warms up quickly and holds temperature very nicely.
    -exceptional packaging
    -I had a bit of trouble getting the y-carriage level.
    -open power supply
    -noisy power supply fan
    -theres a bit of z-wobble that i cannot get rid of.

    Mar 20,2018

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