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  • Ivan Bernard
    Small and efficient
    I put it in my carry on luggage so I can pump their leg rest, and I also pump up their inflatable bath tub. I am happy it is so small and light so it doesn’t take too much space and weight of my luggage, since I usually carry lots of things with two children.One button control, easy to use, this compressor is compact and sturdy, with no excessive noise during operation, it is very smooth and quiet. It filled up pretty fast and I was impressed since it was so tiny and light.The pressure is lower than those big pumps but for the purposes above it is definitely enough.

    Apr 24,2019

  • Nathan Guy
    Works great
    After searched a lot I choosen this Gocomma one and purchased black color. The shipping is fast and I try it immediately after recieved! Very convenient and strong! Become vacuum state really save the storage space, save space up to 75%, and the using method is really easy. Also try to put in air for my son's basketball and bicycle, and it’s also works great.Mini and practical, keep things clean, I think I can enjoy a comfortable life with it. It was really helpful. I think it is a great product.

    Apr 24,2019

  • Kris
    Mixed feelings
    Generally quality looks good. But there is one problem. In case of inflating I need to start procedure several times because engine simply stops after a few revolutions. I need to do it 3-4 times to make it start properly. Don't know the cause but problem reocurrs every time I use it. If it starts working then it does it's job

    Jul 31,2019

  • Raffaele Daniele
    Esattamente ciò che mi aspettavo
    L'ho provato ancora poco, ma i risultati sono buoni. Ho gonfiato dei lettini per il mare utilizzando una power-bank ed anche se ci ha messo circa 10 minuti il risultato è stato ottimo. L'ho anche sgonfiato il lettino mettendolo sotto vuoto. Davvero felice per l'acquisto. L'unica nota è che lo aspettavo più leggero.

    Jul 05,2019

  • Stefano
    Un buon compressorino. Lo credevo più potente, ma è buono solo per piccole cose come braccioli, materassini, oppure per mettere sottovuoto lenzuola o cibi. Non adatto per ruote o piumoni.

    Sep 04,2019

  • Bertha Stephen
    The Next Level of Convenience
    The pump is affordable and it packs in your backpack easily, I like the usb charging to recharge in car and to reduce number of cords and power supplies I have to carry. Quickly inflated my mat!

    Apr 23,2019

  • Christopher Walkley
    Excellent little air pump
    Really small and lightweight – but does the job well. Inflated my beach inflatable sofa in under 2 minutes. I also love the fact that it can be recharged with a USB charger. Worth every penny.

    Apr 23,2019

  • Samuel Ezequiel
    Vacuum pump
    Produto entregue em excelente estado, bem acondicionado e dentro do tempo previsto aquando da realização da encomenda. Muito elegante, entregue com as características e funcionamento tal e qual como indicado no site e com uma excelente relação qualidade/preço. Funciona na perfeição, recomendo.

    Oct 01,2019

  • Bruno
    Electric Compressor
    Easy to inflate/create a vacuumCan inflate balls and pool floatsReally small to have on a car or an a journey

    Aug 19,2019

  • Tjaž M. K.
    Alfawise Handheld Cabled Mini Pump
    Works perfectly, looks esthetic, small, compact, worth the price, would recommend.

    Jul 08,2019