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  • hicat
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    Nano Atmel Atmega or how to make smaller ones out of a small one
    Another device from my Atmega adventure series and another purchase and another satisfaction on my face. If someone is looking for a device to reduce their design to a scale that allows convenient carrying it in a pocket and powerbank power, he can easily buy this cube. It works very well with, for example, motion sensors, which will allow you to build a portable device that tells if someone is standing behind your back when you ...;)

    Good quality at a good price. The description of the possibilities does not make sense to anyone who wants to buy it knows what it is for, and if it does not know it should buy to find out :)

    Feb 14,2019

  • Gary Martin
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    Super Bargain, Works Perfectly
    Super Bargain, Works perfectly, Standard USB to Mini USB cable included, exact Arduino Nano Clone with upgraded Atmega328 etc., serial Programmer chip embedded on the tiny board, Bootloader already installed, Windows 7 automatically downloaded drivers and automatically connected to COM3, Test Sketches loaded and works perfectly, Pins already soldered to board,
    not going to be at this super bargain price of $2.89 for very long, so order as many and you can afford to hoard

    Mar 06,2016

  • Federico
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    GearBest - Arduino Nano compatible
    It's the cheapest board you can ever find, I work like a charm and it's compatible with all the module of Arduino. Works great with the orginal arduino ide.
    You may have to install the drivers of CH340G chip

    Jan 26,2016

  • David
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    Great Value!, Great Device!
    Small: great for embedding in projects.
    Cheap: you cant beat $2.89!
    Breadboard friendly: just insert in a breadboard for easy prototyping.
    Came with a mini-usb cable
    header pins pre soldered on
    you might need to download the CH340G chip drivers to get this to work on a pc.

    Feb 19,2016

  • Giovanni
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    Everything okay
    Very small
    Pin already welded
    Easy to use, you have only to select the right type of Arduino board on the Arduino IDE and use it like an original Arduino.
    I think it could be a bit cheaper compared to other similar board on gearbest.

    Feb 08,2018

  • Ilya
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    Good! it's very fast in Minsk! Everything is working!
    Good! it's very fast in Minsk! Everything is working!
    Good! it's very fast in Minsk! Everything is working!

    Aug 20,2017

  • Erkan BAYRAM
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    Arduino Nano benzeri
    Atmel Atmega 338P denetleyici kullanılması gayet güzel olmuş. Fakat klon da değil. Ucuz ve iş görür. Projeleriniz için ideal bir mikro denetleyici
    Biraz daha ucuz olabilir.

    Oct 29,2017

  • Kurt
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    Excelente relación precio/calidad
    Funciono sin inconvenientes
    Fácil de manejar
    Se integra rapidamente con el IDE arduino

    Aug 14,2018

  • GB_Guest
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    good and light arduino
    Small arduino which is very easy to use.
    well packaged and protected
    with antistatic bag y usb cable

    Dec 27,2017

  • Richard
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    Nano V3.0 with ATMEGA328P
    Usefull Arduino Nano V3.0 with ATMEGA328P-AU and CH340G chip. Desoldered pins and usb cable included.

    Feb 06,2016