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Modern 3D Frameless Relógio De Parede
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Modern 3D Frameless Relógio De Parede

- Preto

DIY Room Decoração de Casa
4.57 51 Comentários dos Clientes | Consulte a descrição inglesa
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Modern 3D Frameless Wall Clock Style Watches Hours DIY Room Home Decorations Model   3M011

• Roman numerals, simple and elegant.
• Let you make your own, and then can enjoy your own art-work.
• The wall clock is 3D effect.
• Easy to install and remove the sticker.
• Alloy clock face,aluminum clock pointer and EVA foam stickers;
• Hour hand length: 31.5cm /12.4" 
• Minute hand length: 39cm / 15.3"
• Clock machine face: 12cm/ 4.9"
• You decide how large (or small) you want this clock to be. DIY distance from different digits, and DIY shape of the digits.
• The decals can be applied on all smooth surfaces,such as Walls, Doors, Windows, Closets, Plastic, Metal, Tiles etc.

Warm Tips:
• The movement is a precision instrument , install pointer required both thumbs pressed into the corresponding location , and then tighten the screw. Time was accurate as long as the needles were fixed firmly.
• It is recommended to use an AA carbon battery. Do not use high-current battery.
• This product is suitable for smooth walls,gray walls or wallpaper wall will cause the adhesive properties of the surface behind stickers decrease.
• Adjust the time can using the the round button behind the movement,do not Turn pointers directly, it's easy to damage internal parts.
• This product is equipped with a manual, there are more detailed parameters, it can more accurately guide you to DIY the clock.

Packing box dimension(L*W*H) : 425×140×49(16.7”×5.5”×1.93”)
Packing Weight :0.43KG
Package include :1x clock stickers
              1x wall clock (NO battery)

Modern 3D Frameless Relógio De Parede- Preto
Things you will get: Two foam blocks of numbers, clock hands, clock motor and base, an envelope that contains shiny numbers, template to measure equal distance for numbers from center, cleaning cloth for shiny numbers, hanger and colorful instruction sheet.

 Modern 3D Frameless Relógio De Parede- Preto

Modern 3D Frameless Relógio De Parede- Preto


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Comentários dos Clientes

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  • Cindy Anderson
    Sim (0) Cor: Silver
    I already own an atomic wall clock and really appreciate its accuracy,i wanted to get a larger size for a friend who owns a restaurant,this is the perfect size for customers to read,an interesting feature of this clock : there is room for a total of three batteries,this clock is hung up high on the wall and will take some effort to take it down to change the batteries this will be a nice convenience,i will update in three years and let you know if the batteries really lasted that long,my friend and his customers like it so much I just ordered another one for the opposite wall so you can see the time no matter where they are sitting,we have a lot of people in the navy in this area and they are very pleased to have a clock that is so accurate they can set their watches by it,all around good clock at a good price

    May 20,2017

  • John C. Beane, IV
    Sim (0) Cor: Silver
    Great clock - we love it,a wonderful silent wall clock,it looks nice on the wall and I am happy with my purchase,it is very light and easy to hang on the wall,absolutely love this clock - easy to read and it fit perfectly in my kitchen,we bought it to replace another wall clock that had a movement that ticked loudly as the second hand moved from one second to another,when the second hand began to hang up and the clock lost hours overnight that was enough,the adalene silent non-ticking wall clock is beautifully silent and keeps perfect time,we were a bit apprehensive about the coppery appearance of the frame

    May 06,2017

  • S. jenkins
    Sim (0) Cor: Silver
    Not sure if this clock does have a better atomic connection (stronger radio wave,other atomic clocks I have installed on the wall in this `` dead'' area have not changed with the time changes so i'm hoping (but rather dubious about this) that this clock will do so without my having to climb up and take it off the wall to place it into another room so it can reset itself at those two-times-a-year time changes,other than that : the clock is handsome and looks very nice in my front room's tv viewing area,the soft sound of the minute hand is not irritating but can be heard

    Jun 19,2017

  • HRivera
    Sim (0) Cor: Silver
    I like the large numbers,the projection is much clearer than on our previous clock and the tilt feature is nice,the thin size takes up little room on the nightstand but it's very stable on it's base,the dual alarms are easily set and work independently of each other,the only downside is that the radio volume can not be adjusted low enough for my taste and the sound quality is tinny,i did not find that the sound quality or volume level were improved over the original model,it does have some nice features otherwise

    Nov 01,2018

  • mgx
    Sim (0) Cor: Silver
    It is the nicest model of a day clock available in this category - sturdy,i've set it on a dresser opposite my bed and can see it clearly from across the room ; I actually had to enable the auto dim feature as I did find it was too bright for me to sleep at night - with that feature on,is that there are only two screen color options available in the settings - white and an (awful) yellow - from the pics others have posted I thought there was a blue setting - however

    Apr 26,2017

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Seja o primeiro a fazer uma pergunta. Quer Pontos GB? Basta escrever um comentário!

Seja o primeiro a fazer uma pergunta. Quer Pontos GB? Basta escrever um comentário!

Seja o primeiro a fazer uma pergunta. Quer Pontos GB? Basta escrever um comentário!

Seja o primeiro a fazer uma pergunta. Quer Pontos GB? Basta escrever um comentário!

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