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Yeelight YLDP09YL lâmpada de vela inteligente E14 220V 3.5W Mesh Edition (produto do ecossistema Xiaomi)
Yeelight YLDP09YL Smart LED Downlight Bluetooth Mesh for Real-time Interaction

Excellent: Brand new Bluetooth Mesh to automatically detect devices; Real-time synchronization, no delay of changes in color temperature and brightness; Multiple gateways supported for convenient use.
Design Highlights: With the brand new Bluetooth Mesh, the light can automatically detect devices and finish the connection in a batch. It offers you unprecedented experience in controlling a large number of lights.
Competitive: The product supports free combination and group control. Each light is equivalent to a "radio station" which can transmit information without affecting the bandwidth. The Internet speed won't be affected despite using a lot of devices. The color temperature and brightness level are synchronized in real-time. Moreover, there are various ways of interaction, which is cool and convenient. The color temperature and brightness level of the light can be adjusted. Veja mais Ver menos

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