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  • Dana Eden
    Sim (0) Cor: Bee Yellow
    Impressive! Time saver!
    I was a bit skeptical at first, but wow this eraser blew me away. I wanted to debadge the side emblem from my S2000. I tried using some goo/residue remover but it was taking forever without progress. When I applied this, it quickly removed away the 19-year glue!! A small tip for customers: spray some automotive adhesive remover on the area, let it sit for a minute or so, then run the eraser wheel at a sharp angle (rather flat on like the instruction suggests). If you apply even and moderate pressure, it'll peel right off! Definitely worth the price.

    Jun 18,2019

  • Jackson
    Sim (0) Cor: Bee Yellow
    Amazing and useful
    This is an amazong tool. 
    The eraser wheel is made of a rubber like metarial. The decal remover wheel attaches to regular household drill. The drill I used had about 4000 RPM and that did the trick. The eraser wheel did everything for me. Get the drill speed right, use it properly and take you time. It did not burn or harm the paint. Did its job without damaging the surface underneath. This was very important for me.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Karry
    Sim (0) Cor: Bee Yellow
    It works!
    I didn't know what to expect but this is like a spinning rubber eraser. I used it on my RV to remove some old decals. It didn't damage the fiberglass but took the vinyl off. There is quite a bit of yellow dust from its use and I just used a cloth to wipe that off.
    It helps to use a little Goo-Be-Gone to remove any residual material. I also used a blade but the eraser as my favorite.
    For pin stripes it is really a no-brainer.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Mia
    Sim (0) Cor: Bee Yellow
    rubber grinding
    a venit in mai putin de o luna. la inceput am fost foarte sceptica insa am curatat cu foarte mare usurinta un frigider plin de abtipilduri. (trebuie strans foarte tare surubul de prindere in rest fara probleme

    Jul 20,2019

  • Virginia
    Sim (0) Cor: Bee Yellow
    As good as description
    I am taking decals stripes off my trailer. it is a LOT of hard work and it gums up as it removes the glue on the decals. I found it works best for this. I worked for 2 hours and only got a small strip off with the eraser wheel but in an hour with Goop off I cleaned twice the area.

    Jun 21,2019

    Sim (0) Cor: Bee Yellow
    very good
    I manage to erase twelve years old stickers , and some dirts that I couldnt erase even with hot water and a razor...the metal in the core of the rubber after pressure will spin like crazy without the rubber but with a few screws in the core everything ok...totally worth

    Aug 16,2019

  • Berg Hawthorne
    Sim (0) Cor: Bee Yellow
    Trial and error but once you get it you got it.
    Worked great, had to get a ton of double sided stick foam tape off of my truck doors for removing chrome panels. Takes a bit of figuring out but once you get the speed and pressure down it is super easy.

    Jun 20,2019

  • Paul Hutt
    Sim (0) Cor: Bee Yellow
    Just buy it. You will be happy you did
    This worked perfectIy. I removed 20 year old stripes from my truck and the adhesive that was left was not coming off with anything I tried. This did the job and did not harm the paint job.

    Jun 19,2019

    Sim (0) Cor: Bee Yellow
    Pneumatic Degumming Rubber Grinding Wheel Tire Polishing Tool
    it is very useful to do your job so far it looks good it is very useful to do your job so far it looks good

    Aug 28,2019

  • Steven
    Sim (0) Cor: Bee Yellow
    Pneumatic Degumming tool
    i have not gotten a use for it yet but I can see the potential for it so when things are reduced then I usually buy things

    Aug 15,2019