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  • Kim
    Sim (0) Cor: White
    Great Product
    I bought 2 pair for less than $12.00... that's saving 3 times what some of the similar kinds are selling for in stores in my area. The headphones work great and my 8 year old synced it to his tablet in less than a minute, and then he was watching a video, it is very simple to pair. I use them to listen to music, I don't use it for phone calls so I can't really comment on that, but the sound is great and for that price- I am very happy with my purchase.

    Mar 16,2016

  • Grigorij Smirnov
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    HV-800 Bluetooth V4.0 Headset
    - очень удобные в использовании! На шее их практически не ощутимы. Легкие. - звук хороший. - как гарнитура нормальные. В помещении собеседник слышит хорошо, на улице когда ветер, приходится громче разговаривать, но я думаю, все гарнитуры этим страдают. - заряд держит нормально. На пару десятков звонков в день хватает.
    - пока не обнаружено.

    Jul 03,2016

  • Bruno
    Sim (1) Cor: Black
    HV-800 Bluetooth V4.0 Headset
    - Batery - Very loud -English voice guidence - Does not disconnect when near. The sound is awesome and loud. With one charge, is possible last for 8 hours. I listen to Rock musics, using this hedphones, it becomes a great experience. ------------- Pelo baixo valor declarado, não foi taxado.
    Cons not found

    Oct 01,2016

  • Ver
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    HV-800 Bluetooth V4.0 Headset
    For this price the headset has a good construction and quality of sound. The battery charge is enough to listen music on the way from a home to a work and backwards for two days. Nozzles of the earphones keep well and don't fall out. In package are included 3 pairs of a different size nozzles.
    Periodically the pause button instead of a stop of music rewinds a track back

    Aug 03,2016

  • Andrey Butenko
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Отличный выбор.
    Отличные наушники, не ожидал. Достаточно хороший звук, никаких посторонних шумов и шипений когда подключены. Заряжаю зарядкой на 700 mA - держат 6-7 часов. на микрофон пока никто не жаловался. В комплекте 3 пары амбюшур разных размеров и плоский кабель для зарядки (только зарядка без передачи данных), пару раз засыпал в наушниках - никаких неудобств. Дужка удобная, достаточно упругая и подойдет для любой шеи.
    Покупкой доволен - рекомендую.

    Oct 31,2016

  • Carl
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Consumer Reviewer
    This bluetooth is lightweight and easy to use/link with all of my devices...tablet, smart phone etc. A voice tells you when you are connected and battery power of the headset. Very comfortable earbuds. Noise cancellation The sound quality is very good, loud and clear with good bass and treble for listening to music or voice.
    When used to answer phone calls some people said I sounded far away or in a hole.

    Aug 21,2016

  • Raptor Wireless, LLC
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    HV-800 Bluetooth V4.0 Headset
    We have purchased six sets of these. Super easy to connect Comfortable to wear Lightweight Good noise reduction Strong connectivity Very Useful Comes pre-packaged in ziplock bag, with hole in top for hanging, (bag - white back/clear front) - great for resell. Comes with headset, charger and instructions, (in english).
    None so far.

    Feb 28,2016

  • Ofir Golan
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    very low quality sound
    Classic case of "You get what you paid for"... Pros: Cheap, easy to pair with my device and loud volume. Package also includes 2 set sizes of ear pods. Summery: For its price, its a cheap audio headset that you can buy for kids to something since the audio quality is very low and build quality as well.
    Cons: - Audio quality is crap. Music sounds like from a barrel. - On calls you can manage with the sound, but thats about it... - when not talking, and when turning on, there is a hum, a low pitch noise. - Very light. Feels cheap, buttons are "clicky" and the product rattles when I shake it as if things are loose inside. - Magnet that should hold the ear pods are not strong enough and they fall all the time.

    Mar 22,2018

  • whitefox
    Sim (1) Cor: Black
    ptodotto di buona qualità che consente immediatamente di connettersi al proprio telefonoriconosciuto da tutti i dispositivi alla quale lo ho abbinato. la durata della batteria è ottima e il range di utilizzo rispetto al dispositivo è molto buono anche in presenza di muri divisori. ottimo per ascoltare la musica buona anche la qualità audio in chiamata
    non ha aspetti negativi specifici. io ho trovato scomodo il sistema di aggancio degli auricolari che tende a farteli lasciare alla fine penzolanti sul collo o con il filo che spunta di lato. alla fine li ho sostituiti con un paio di quelli solo cavo e cuffia e li utilizzo solo per l'ascolto della musica a casa

    Nov 25,2017

  • András
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    We ordered two of them, one white and one black. They are very light and flexible. Sound quality is very good. It holds the connettion perfectly through a thin wall at home from 7,5 m, but it's starting to broke in 10 m. I think in open space 10 m will be no problem. Connects quickly. If I turn it off, and the bluetooth on the phone too, after turn on the eqipments, the connection will also turn on automatically. It's a really great headset for this price.
    You can play with the different volume levels, but I tried on the same phone with the same setup, and one of them is a bit louder. It's not a big issue but there can be some difference. At first turning on one of them did not vibrated. I was affraid of some failure, but I looked after in a youtube video comment. The author suggested to drain the battery totally, and after turn off, and upload for max, will help and it worked.

    Mar 08,2016