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  • Gio
    Sim (2) Cor: White Tamanho: EU Plug
    It works really good
    I use with Fibaro system, it works good also without template.
    I need to add manually the parameter to configure the plug, in the user manual everything is well explained in a good english language.
    The plug support a current up to 16A, Fibaro Wall Plug is rated at 11A.
    I tried with my kitchen oven (2600W 13A), the Fibaro wall plug cut off the power after few minutes of load, the Neo Coolcam plug continue to work with a consumption of 2300w and 10.1 A.
    I setup parameter 3 at 15A max current.
    No issue for the moment, the Fibaro wall plug looks better, but it cost also double.

    Mar 05,2017

  • Enchufe z-wave
    Sim (0) Cor: White Tamanho: EU Plug
    Plug z-wave
    Buen enchufe con protocolo Z-wave, su funcionamiento es perfecto, buena cobertura en la red con el controlador eedomus, a unos 10 metros con paredes me llega el 100% de señal, respuesta inmediata, mismo funcionamiento que otros que cuestan tres veces más.
    Unica pega es los watios que aguanta, no apto para lavadoras, secadoras...con gran consumo.

    Jun 09,2018

  • Absalom996
    Sim (4) Cor: White Tamanho: EU Plug
    Sur deux prises commandées une seule fonctionne
    J’ai commandés deux de ces prises, attiré par le prix nettement moins élevé que pour des prises compatibles z-wave de marque Européenne.
    Lorsque je l’ai branché la première fois, elle m’a pété dans les doigts tout en faisant aussi sauter mon disjoncteur.
    Maintenant je suis fixé, c’est de la camelotte.

    Jun 22,2018

  • Tomas
    Sim (0) Cor: White Tamanho: EU Plug
    great thing when building smart home, I am using it with fibaro HC, works ok, the price varies in time but still less then half from fibaro, the only thing is that fibaro does not provide template for this device, but it works also without that, you just hide the virtual devices you don't want to see (like voltage, current).

    Dec 16,2018

  • Davide Gavagnin
    Sim (0) Cor: White Tamanho: EU Plug
    Good socket at cheap price
    These Z-wave socket works very well with my Aeotec USB G2 and Home Assistant on Raspberry pi 2.
    Many parameters can be set to match your needs: ignore switch commands from zwave and/or from the button, turn on or off the led and more.
    The socket sends infos about power consumption, voltage, amps...

    Aug 18,2017

  • Michael S
    Sim (2) Cor: White Tamanho: EU Plug
    Great low-budget Smart Socket alternative to Fibaros
    No problem to sync this Z-Wave Smart Socket to my Fibaro Home Center Lite.
    I'm using it for our coffee maker and a some lights.

    Don't get me wrong. I think this product is great for this price. Fibaros own plug costs almost x3 more. But is also supports 2500 W.
    Both package seal where broken on arrival.

    I had to reset the plug to factory settings before It could be found.

    Max 2000 W

    Jan 14,2017

  • Gaëtan
    Sim (0) Cor: White Tamanho: EU Plug
    très fiable, discrète et puissante.
    Couplé avec la bbox d'engie permet une mesure de la consommation de l'appareil qui y est branché et permet aussi de le contrôler. Beaucoup moins cher que les appareil fourni par mon fournisseur d'énergie. Grâce à sa grange puissance permet de commander le radiateur électrique de notre chambre sans devoir remettre en route le chauffage centrale de la maison. Très discrète sur la prise.

    Feb 13,2019

  • Michal
    Sim (2) Cor: White Tamanho: EU Plug
    Socket is good quality and better price comparing to other Z-Wave switches. Works well controlled by Vera Plus home automation system. Socket has many configuration settings, changing is possible by Vera.
    No cons, everything as expected.

    Nov 10,2017

  • Radu
    Sim (1) Cor: White Tamanho: EU Plug
    Decent Smart Socket
    - It's Z-wave plus and integrates very well with most smart home arrangements
    - it's pretty easy to install
    - has power metering
    - decent build quality
    - it's a great alternative to more expensive smart sockets using Z-wave protocol
    - the connection distance isn't that great, you have at least one in each room to get a decent z-wave mesh
    - could be a little bit cheaper for what it does

    Mar 27,2018

  • Andrew
    Sim (1) Cor: White Tamanho: EU Plug
    Great socket
    Cheap and grea z-wave socket (bought for 19USD from GB). Pairing without problems. Reports Amps, Watts.
    Spee of switching extremly fast. Very good product
    EU plug
    Now costs 26USD. That is very overpriced. Will look somewhere else to buy more

    Jan 10,2018