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  • abdelmalk
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Review SmartBand ID107 gearbest أفضل ساعة رياضية ذكية بأرخص ثمن (Post NL)
    Main Features:
    • nRF51822 chip and Bluetooth 4.0 technology: Adopt nRF51822 chip and Bluetooth 4.0 technology that it can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of your life.
    • Heart rate monitoring: Measure the value of your heart rate, let you know about your heart rate during sports.
    • Pedometer / Sleep monitoring / Sedentary reminder: Your private management expert, monitor the daily movement, the quality of your sleep and remind you to have a rest. Enjoy unfettered moment while helping you achieve your health goals.
    • Distance measurement: Measure your daily walking distance precisely.
    • Calorie consumption management: Calculate the consumption of calorie, record the daily burned calorie.
    • Remote camera: Can control your smart phone to take photos, and you can enjoy the pleasure on your wrist.
    • Call reminder: When a call is coming, you can check it without taking out of your mobile phone.
    • Anti-lost: Unique proximity sensor system, take good care of your smart watch and phone.
    • Normal using time: about 3 - 5 days, standby time: about 7 days.
    • It can be set 10 alarm clocks.
    • Only can use the APP called VERYFIT.
    • The battery is not detachable.

    Nov 24,2017

  • Oleksiy
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    ID107 Bluetooth Smart Watch Heart Rate
    Main chipset: uses Nordic nRF51822 chip, makes ID105 have better performance
    • Heart rate monitor: comes with Silicon labs Si1142 pulse sensor, track your blood flow and heart beats in every moment, more sensitive and accurate
    • Sports fitness tracker: Track your daily activities data, such as steps, distance, calories burnt, help you reach daily fitness goal
    • Sleep monitor + Smart clock: Auto recognize sleep status, track your sleep hour and sleep quality, wake you up by smart alarm
    • Remote camera shoot: controlled by press the key or wrist recognition
    • Daily events reminder: call alert, sedentary alert, low battery alert, goal completed alert, anti-lost alert
    • Unique designed transportation mode: the data in device can be cleared once under transportation mode, and the wristband will be under power off status
    • Compatibility: Supports Android 4.4 / iOS 7.1 and above systems
    Li-polymer battary 60-70 mAh, 5-10 deys work, time charge 60 minets.
    Display size: 0.49 inch.
    the button touch doesn't work for inclusion at the switched-off hours. That is to have to press lateral and then to switch or lateral or touch.

    May 20,2016

  • Maher787
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Smart band ID107
    heart rate sensor
    i have this smart band a week. It is the time what battery life. Band looks good, works good mesure heart rate its litle bit confusion when show different value in the same time. Pedometer mesure well. Touch button its practically unuseful. Pairing with verifit app ist quick and worked good but its loss does not pairing direct with smartphone or other app like endomodo, runkeeper, runtastic, ...
    náramok vyzerá dobre a je za super cenu. Mám ho týždeň a to je aj čas koľko vydrží baterka. Merá docela presne len srdcový tep je sem tam trochu rozhádazný kedy pri dvoch meraniach po sebe ukáže úplne iné hodnoty. Krokomer aj spankomer je až prekvapivo presný. Náramok sa rýchlo spáruje s telefónom a upozornenia funguju dobre len je skoda že sa nedá spŕovat priamo s fonom poprípade cez nejakú ďalšiu aplikáciu ako endomodo, runkéeper, rutastic ...
    does not connect with other app (endomodo, runtastic ...)
    random problem with heart rate sensor mesuring (probably problem with all band in this price)

    Apr 27,2016

  • Balázs
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    The step counter is accurate and sleep monitoring also reflects reality. I installed VeryFit PRO, because the localization is flawless and the feature set is richer. I synchronize data to my phone 1 to 2 times per day. Statistics are very detailed and covering weeks time back. On the first day I tried the notifications, but then I realized that I did not need it, so I turned off. I received the device with 80% battery charge (after 6 weeks of shipping). After a week of continuous use, I only charged from 20%, to see how fast it is charging. After 1-2 hours it was full. The push-button and the touch-button also work great, the clock is very easy to handle. Almost no weight, very comfortable, even for longer time. Not fully water resistant. To take a shower, you have to take it off. The wrist wrap can be changed, lots of colors available.
    I only give four stars to usefulness, because (at least in my hand) the heart rate measuring is not reliable.
    Probably the limit of Android 7, or the phone-maker is that synchronization works only with GPS enabled. All this is strange, because the app does not have a map.

    Mar 03,2018

  • muammar
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    It's just a bomb for their money!
    Automatic heart rate monitoring, physical activity and sleep, incoming calls and SMS notification, view at raising hands, small, lightweight, comfortable, beautiful.
    I can not judge the reliability of the bracelet and how long it will serve, but for now I think this is the best budget bracelet with excellent functionality. Measurements of heart rate and of steps surprisingly accurate + convenient and informative software.
    At the end I must admit: if I had previously bought this bracelet, I would not buy Gear fit2. Of course, Gear fit2 more "show off" and there is a great screen and has features that are not available here. But I maintain that ID107 more accurately measure heart rate and definitely 100% better in terms of price-result.
    Highly recommend!
    small numbers and symbols,
    small screen

    Jan 04,2017

  • Steve
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Great piece of kit, comfortable and easy to set up, Install app to your phone ( IOS in my case ) connect to the unit and was up and running within minutes.
    It tracks all the information as advertised and in particular the historical information is great enabling you to review how things vary depending on your activities.
    The app will also provide details to the Apple Health App, but to be honest the provided app gives much more information.
    The unit does need charging up prior to use but that only took an hour, I am finding that the unit lasts around 6 days between charging sessions.
    Highly recomended piece of tech, and for the price point it is much better value than the more mainstream brands.
    Another unit is now on order for my partner who has been equally impressed despite initial sceptisism. although hers will have the purple wrist band.

    Feb 15,2017

  • Alex
    Sim (0) Cor: Orange
    Фитнес браслет
    Он офигенный, заказывал оранжевый,т.к в наличии был только такой, и нисколько не жалею,сочный чистый цвет ремешка просто радует глаз, программа для работы с браслетом крута, анимация,проста в работе,поддерживает русский язык, перепробовал кучу фитнес браслетов пока это самый годный. Покупал его только с целью как будильник, уведомления о звонках с именем входящих,смс. Остальные функции не интересуют так как точности ждать от них не приходится ,да и не нужны они мне . Вертикальное отображение часов и уведомлений,удобно,24 часовой формат времени. Включается по взмаху руки,но можно и отключить в приложении,тогда только с боковой кнопки запуск. Ну и достаточно лёгкие и компактные,ремешок очень приятный плюс двойная застёжка и петелька на ремешке.
    Слепнет на прямом ярком солнце,но разглядеть информацию при желание можно, хотя есть другие браслеты которые просто на улице при дневном свете наглухо слепнут, так что в этом плане это браслет молодец! Ну ещё отнесу к минусам что id звонящего если он в телефоне записан на кириллице не отображается,поэтому я все важные контакты переименовал на латиницу.

    Aug 09,2016

  • Алексей
    Sim (2) Cor: Black
    Часы - фитнес трекер
    У меня это первое подобное устройство. Скорее это не умные часы, а фитнес трекер со встроенными часами. Достаточно интересная "игрушка". Измеряет пульс, считает шаги и расстояние, рассчитывает расход калорий, фазы сна. Часы, будильник, секундомер... Светятся не постоянно, а только когда руку поворачиваешь, чтобы время узнать. По bluetooth синхронизируется с приложением (на русском языке) на смартфоне. Никаких проблем с синхронизацией не возникло. Лёгкие, миниатюрные, качественные. В комплекте сами часы, шнур зарядки (c USB разъёмом) и инструкция (английский и китайский языки) в качественной упаковке. Доставка около 2-х недель (Подмосковье), трек номер посылки отслеживался.
    Пользуюсь первый день, пока недостатков не выявил.

    Jul 07,2016

  • rominiek
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Nice and simple fitnessband
    I just received my ID107 yesterday and I have to say that I'm not disappointed.
    The wristband looks nice and sturdy and the screen is clear.
    The app that comes with this wristband looks good and is very intuitive.

    - Clean and simple user interface
    - Notifications for a lot of popular chat and social media apps (INCLUDING Whatsapp! So disregard what the staff here answers on that question.)
    - Interchangeable wristband
    - Standby time and low charing time (60 minutes)
    - Rubber band feels sturdy, it seems like a good build quality
    - Watch functionality (Sets the time automatically at the first sync with your phone
    - Compatible with a wide range of phones and tablets
    - The English translation is sometimes a little off.
    - Pedometer (steps) is not super accurate, but it does the job.
    - Screen switches to standby very fast when turned on via the 'wrist flick' so you have to quickly look to get all the information.
    - Wrist flick to turn on the screen is not very accurate. I find myself flicking multiple times to turn it on, while pressing the button would be faster. The whole point of the wrist flick is to check the time fast.
    - Syncing of heart rate to Apple Health kit is not supported (yet).

    Jun 05,2016

  • BULL
    Sim (0) Cor: Green
    ID107 Smart Watch
    ID: 107HR is a smart bracelet watch entirely new generation which offers measurement of daily activities also continuous heart rate monitoring 24 hours a day. This bracelet not only motivates the movement, but in a clear application further demonstrates the activities and sleep quality graphs with the course of heart rate during the day. The user can control the extent of heart rate during daily activities, exercise and more exercise. And enjoy decent bracelet design with touch OLED screen and many other features such as notification of incoming calls, text messages, or information from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. WatsApp.

    Dec 13,2016