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  • Dave
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    Best unicycle
    ENG:●Single wheel unicycle for the new future of balance scooter●The light for warning people and cars at night● The 550W motor provides the max 25km/h speed and max 18 degree gradient● 320WH 4.0Ah Li-ion battery ( included in product ) for 35 - 40km mileage and 3.5 hours charging time●14 inch rubber inflatable tire for different grounds● Aluminum alloy frame for max 120kg payload● Support the APP ( scan the QR code from the manual to download the APP ) management and Bluetooth 4.0 version● Suitable for the adult and teenagers play in the wide road, grassland, slope, etc.● Input voltage: 100 - 240VHUN: Az Inmotion V5F a legújabb a 14 colos kerékátmérővel rendelkező Inmotion gépek között, de nemcsak a legújabb, hanem egyben a leggyorsabb és legnagyobb hatótávolságú darab is. A V5F nem kevesebbre vállalkozott, minthogy megfeleljen a kor követelményeinek: erősebb motorja 550 Watt teljesítményű (maximális leadott teljesítménye 1500Watt), mellyel gyorsulása és ereje új dimenziókat nyit. A végsebessége biztonsági megfontolásokból az elektronika által továbbra is le van korlátozva, ám a 25 km/órás sebességet könnyedén éri el és tartja. Akkumulátor kapacitása 320 Wattóra, ellenben immár a fékezések 70%-át táplálja vissza a rendszerbe, ezáltal akár 35 kilométerre is eljuthatunk vele egyetlen feltöltéssel (a tényleges hatótávolság több tényező függvénye, mint például a vezető súlya, a terepviszonyok, a külső hőmérséklet vagy a megválasztott sebesség).

    Mar 25,2019

  • noname
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    don't think twice, get it!
    This is my first unicycle and never had a chance to try any other however I did my research and decided to buy the Inmotion V5F and not the Ninebot in the same price range - it has more powerful motor and the battery (milage) last longer, I guess it worth 10-15% extra. The product arrived in 38 days to Europe, well packed. After unacking it I must say the quality is top notch guys! You can download the app and connect your phone via Bluetooth - it will identify itself as V5Fxxxxx - otherwise no sign on it which exact model type it is, except a tiny sign at the tire inflating cover.Don't expect to ride the Wheel right away there's a considerable long learning curve so it could take days even weeks for some just like bicycling the first time. There are nice tutorials on the YouTube though - I'm also in the learning phase indoor as we have cold winter outside. It's not easy but actually easier than I thought after watching the videos.(Try to put some clothing, paper cover in order not to scratch too much the side during learning. I found a great hardly ever used neoprene weight loss belt to wrap around it, looks like it was designed for this purpose haha)

    Dec 25,2018

  • Joao
    Sim (0) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    It's everything I wish it was
    My first unicycle. I couldn't ride 5 meters for the first few days but after a week I was doing alright. A few weeks later and I'm happily cruising along my city's bike paths, occasionally riding in the asphalt. I have no comparison but I love it, it has a decent speed, it's easy to maneuver, it's really convenient to pick up or carry with the handle.I scratched it bad in the first few days though. it's only a month old but it looks ancient lol. Maybe you should learn to ride on grass or some other surface that doesn't scratch it, not sure.IMPORTANT: you really should inflate the tire before using. It comes quite a bit empty.I couldn't get the Bluetooth pairing to work, not sure what benefits that would bring.In conclusion, this thing is the perfect blend of useful / challenging.

    Mar 19,2019

  • Loïc
    Sim (0) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    Une très bonne gyroroue pour commencer
    On aime la robustesse de cette roue :) La roue parfaite pour le freestyle ! Nerveuse, elle démarre au quart de tour. Ses pédales en V assurent une bonne prise en pied pour le 1 pied, la marche arrière. Sa puissance somme toute limitée ne la destine pas aux plus gros gabarits. Sa vitesse Max la destine à une utilisation urbaine ou freestyle.Les 288 Wh de batterie permettent de couvrir la plupart des déplacements urbains. Le coupe circuit est appréciable pour les déplacements multimodaux. Ainsi que le poids limité.Une bonne roue d’apprentissage, à l’électronique saine et robuste.

    Feb 28,2019

  • Jadin L.
    Sim (0) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    Sensations incroyables !
    Moyen de déplacement absolument magique. Elle ne me quitte plus pour les déplacements de moins de 15km. Très fiable, bonne vitesse de pointe. comptez un mois ou deux pour être tout à fait à l'aise. Je pèse 100kg et la roue me transporte sans soucis. Par contre les 30km d'autonomie annoncés ne sont pas possible pour une personne de ma corpulence. Pour ma part, je fais 15km sur des routes avec pas mal de dénivelés. Aucun regret. Magnifique achat. Délai de livraison assez long(plus de deux mois)Soyez prudent, portez toujours un casque et un gilet fluo !

    May 19,2019

  • TheWalkingTrade
    Sim (0) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    Very light and nimble.
    v shape pedals and light for very easy freestyling.36 days to arrive in France.Excellent deal for the price 430 dollars plus free shipping.Init by charging first no need to press reset button.Inflate it at 3.5 bars because of my 85 kilos' weight. 26 kilometres range not bad.Hand holder has loose screw which does not fit (cf photos)

    Jul 28,2019

  • HipsterGuy
    Sim (0) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    Best unicycle ever i had
    It is my second unicycle and i like it a lot.It weights only 12 kg, but it has good range for 30km.I drive it max for 27km/h, but usually i go in speed of 20-22km/h.Easy to carry, easy to drive and nice design.I think you should buy these one as yours first unicycle, because i have bad experience with my first unicycle- solowheel.

    Dec 20,2018

    Sim (0) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    Il prodotto è perfetto.Dopo qualche giorno per imparare, ora usarlo è facile, comodo e veloce.Tempi di consegna circa di 1 mese .Servizio clienti non posso valutarlo perche non ne ho avuto bisogno ad oggi.Prodotto buonissima, l'autonomia è di circa 25/30 km con una carica completa.

    Jan 20,2019

  • Julian
    Sim (0) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    Superbe monoroue
    Excellente roue pour débuter, elle supporte parfaitement les 120kgManiable et agileElle prend les montées sans faiblir Peu encombrante pour prendre dans le train ou les bus Belle objet de qualitéPlus de 260km effectué déjàJe recommande

    Mar 19,2019

  • Guillaume
    Sim (2) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    Presque 2 mois pour arriver par le train puis par UPS depuis l'Allemagne, mais tout est OK. Bien emballée, conforme à la description. Activation de la roue à l'aide de l'application in motion à l'aide d'une connection VPN via Hong-Kong. très content de l'économie réalisée.

    Jan 06,2019