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  • Guitartec
    Sim (3) Cor: Black
    Leadbike A112 Mods
    I use two A112s on my escooter (1 signal display in front, 1 signal display in back). Both are controlled by one controller unit. When powered up, both signal displays sync perfectly to my controller. The front display must be installed upside down in order to make left/right arrows point in the same direction as the rear signal display. Luckily the bar clip it comes with allows upside down install. Having the front display like this makes for some interesting tree and tunnel lazer graphics should I turn on the lane generator feature. I modded the control unit lever to work on my left bar as my right bar has my throttle. After the original lever stalk switch broke, I took the unit apart and installed a better on-off-on SPST 3-way switch onto the left side of the controller. I simply drilled a hole in the left side of the controller to put the new (larger) switch thru. The back cover had to be modded too in order to close over the new larger switch. A piece of foam was added to hold the battery in better as it kept popping out of the crappy battery holder. It works perfectly now. Also something to note.... the A112 has a sleep mode the ads or reviewers never mention. After a few minutes of no movement, the LED signal displays shut off until the internal shake switch is disturbed by movement. I thought mine were both broken because this is not mentioned anywhere I can find. Maybe I missed this feature in the horrible owner's manual?
    Cheaply made, but if handled properly, it should last a while. Cool thing is.... IT'S ONLY $9.99 when on sale.

    Sep 25,2017

  • Roshen
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Wireless LED / LASER
    Very easy to operate.
    Light weight, long lasting, ease of use, wireless, multiple lighting options, battery indicators,

    I would recommend this item to all the bike , or scooter riders.
    This small gadgets has very bright, LED light that i have seen one some of the best cars out there. these LED light can be seen over a 300ft. Not only that, it has a Laser which is long. This is the Best part, since the lasers are projected on both side and the beams are at one place, like a ruler. Which helps the other drivers to know that you are driving and give the rider a peace of mind.

    2nd. the led can be controlled via a small remote that has turn signal switches and two other buttons. These are wireless which is another great option. This way it can be mounted on anywhere.

    Jan 23,2017

  • David RENAUD
    Sim (5) Cor: Black
    Feu clignotant de vélo
    Je l'utilise depuis maintenant plus d'un an, c'est vraiment génial, je le recommande à tout les cyclistes.
    La lumière est très visible de loin la nuit, et avec l'animation ça interpelle bien les automobilistes.
    Le clignotant avec la télécommande réagit très bien, on peut clairement voir quand je vais tourner.
    Il y a même des laser pour indiquer au sol les distances de sécurité.
    La batterie rechargeable en micro USB tient longtemps.
    La pile bouton dans la télécommande tient très mal, je suis obligé de la caler avec un bout de papier.

    Jan 24,2018

  • Keu
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Easy to use
    I used it for my e-scooter so I put the led light at the back of my helmet.
    The fact that it is rechargeable is awesome. It is very easy to use with just a flick on the switch unlike others that you need to push a button to switch between the signs.
    None so far.

    Jun 21,2018

  • Msasa
    Sim (1) Cor: Black
    Safety and useful
    charged easy.
    easy to use.
    night-time visibility.
    I think so...
    when used in combination solar charger...

    Sep 01,2016

  • Stefano
    Sim (3) Cor: Black
    It works just as supposed to. The light is enough intense to be seen during the day (not from distance through) and in the night is perfect. The controller is very easy to use during the ride
    The luminous effects are a sort of COMPLETELY USELESS feature, that might be used to make yourself ridicolous. Sincerely, i will never use it, instead it would have been much more useful a standard all-dots-on light and a flashing light like all the other bike backlights.
    Talking about the controller, it seems not so durable, but maybe I'm wrong

    Nov 21,2017

  • Gevork Papikyan
    Sim (1) Cor: Black
    LED Bike A112 Bicycle Turn light
    It is a very useful device in order to be safe on the road.I would give a five star rating overall.

    May 19,2017

    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Good quality gadget an must have...
    Good quality product as usual, my kid love it easy to install easy to operate...but only for write hand users.
    No possibility to change for Left Hand user (my kid is left hand user)

    Oct 17,2016

  • Attila
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    It's a very usefull product with a very powerful led light.
    The wireless function works good.
    Easy mountening system.

    Jun 10,2017

  • João
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Algo que nós que usamos a bike diariamemte nao e tao vantajoso, porque no final do dia temos que colocar pra carregar, mas tipo pra uma viagem a noite, uma vez perdido e muito boa a idea. e funciona muito bem.

    Feb 27,2019