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  • Ricky er meyo
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    Pinza per puntalini molto buona
    Pinza per puntalini molto professionale.
    Veniamo subito la pinza la confezione come vi arriva questa confezione con un specie di blister con alcune indicazioni del codice, la pinza si presenta in questo modo lo vedete bene nel dettaglio.
    Ho scelto questa pinza perché ha la prerogativa di avere questa chiusura a quattro denti è molto professionale mi è piaciuta particolarmente adesso vedete nel video che mostra l'utilizzo . una piccola prova con questo filo usare una classica pinzetta e le chiuso il puntalino spelato e come potete vedere la chiusura del puntalino avviene su due ganasce non è chiusa solo da un lato mentre in sezione se si può vedere e praticamente la il puntalino è schiacciato a un certo punto Ma la chiusura si lascia un po' a desiderare con questa nuova che ho preso praticamente abbiamo la possibilità mettendo il puntino all'interno viene alloggiato perfettamente all'interno andiamo a mettere il nostro filo e con la molla automatica andiamo a effettuare la chiusura . Come possiamo vedere il puntalino viene crimpato su tutti e quattro i lati garantendo una chiusura veramente veramente eccezionale vediamo il risultato Com'è che è veramente incredibile rispetto alle classiche pinze è veramente un risultato ottimo . prezzo secondo me per la qualità veramente interessante . 10 giorni per la spedizione per l'Italia e secondo me è un ottimo prodotto lo ho testato su vari tipi di cavi vari tipi di sezione questi fa da 0 25 fino a 6 mm quadri è prodotto risulta risulta veramente interessante

    We immediately get the pincer the package as you get th
    is package with a kind of blister with some indications of the code, the pincer is presented in this way you see well in detail.
     I chose this caliper because it has the prerogative of having this four-toothed closure is very professional I particularly liked it now you see in the video that shows the use. a little test with this thread use a classic tweezers and closed the beaded tip and as you can see the closure of the tip takes place on two jaws is not closed only on one side while in section if you can see and practically the tip is crushed to a certain point But the closure is left a bit 'to be desired with this new that I took practically we can put the dot inside is housed perfectly inside we go to put our wire and with the automatic spring we go to make the closing. As we can see the tip is crimped on all four sides ensuring a truly truly exceptional closure we see the result How it is really incredible compared to the classic calipers is really a great result. price according to me for the really interesting quality. 10 days for shipping to Italy and I think it is a great product I tested it on various types of cables various types of section these makes from 0 25 up to 6 mm square is produced results is really interesting Hello everyone next time

    Dec 22,2018

  • Юрий
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    Отличная вещь!
    Давно присматривался к этому инструменту. Купил, таки. Заказ пришел через две недели. В оригинальной упаковке (типа блистера). Теперь не понимаю, почему не купил раньше! Отлично обжимает наконечники. Рекомендую домашним мастерам. Да, и профессионалы, думаю останутся довольны качеством инструмента. Не вижу смысла переплачивать за обжимку с шестью губками. Уверен - четыре - то, что нужно.

    May 06,2018

  • Andrij
    Sim (1) Cor: Red
    Хороший інструмент. Використовується не часто, але зараз роблю ремонт, і тепер це доречно. Якість виконання висока. Обтискає щільно, не зняти.

    Oct 26,2018

  • Vadim
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    LEKON HSC86 - 4 WXC8 6 - 4
    Качество отличное , цена приемлемая. Обжимает хорошо. Как прослужит долго покажет время. Рекомендую к покупке.

    Nov 08,2018

  • linc
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    LEKON HSC86 - 4 WXC8 6 - 4 Self-adjustable Crimping Tool
    Light material with human being engineering principle, the crimping tool is designed to save your energy. When crimping tightly, the gripping force would evenly transfer to all the sections of crimping terminal. A professional tool for home engineering

    Aug 26,2018

  • aleks
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    LEKON HSC86 - 4
    качественный удобный инструмент. пригодится для дома и гаража.
    ручки держатся крепко. обжимает надежно. недостатков нету. рекомендую

    Aug 18,2018

  • AS
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    Clipping tools
    love it like one I had some time a goo.
    I strongly recommend this clipping tools to some that work with electricity or on this field.

    Dec 17,2018

  • iuli
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    Self-adjustable Crimping Tool
    solid construction, rubberized handles, is doing its job well. I recommend with pleasure......................

    Jul 07,2018

  • Alexandro Antonio
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    Excellent product with good quality and price
    Perfect!, I like the product, just what I need, good quality, excellent price and shipping time. I would buy it again!

    Aug 23,2018

  • vitalek_87
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    Отличные пресс клещи
    Рекомендую всем. Отличные клещи за свои деньги. Какой ни какой но бренд. В офлайне стоимость аналогичных клещей намного дороже.

    Aug 29,2018