GUANQIN GJ16034 Relógio Mecânico Auto Masculino
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GUANQIN GJ16034 Relógio Mecânico Auto Masculino

- BRANCO 201334902

Pulseira de Couro Genuíno Exibição de Data Dia Função Luminoso
52.85 $81.73 Desconto: 35% OFF
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Breve Introdução:
Oi, senhor, você está procurando por um relógio que lhe dê um tempo preciso, enquanto isso acrescenta mais charme a você? Eu estou feliz em dizer que aqui é este Relógio Mecânico Auto Masculino GUANQIN. Um relógio mecânico não é apenas um relógio, mas também uma busca por qualidade de vida. É meu grande prazer trazer este relógio sofisticado e elegante para você. Design requintado e excelente relógio, acredito que merece ser valorizado.

Principais Características:
-Movimentos mecânicos automáticos com alta qualidade , garantem tempo altamente preciso, não precisam de bateria, são ecologicamente corretos.
-Com uma mini janela para exibir a data e o dia , não é mais necessário deslizar o telefone para verificar a agenda, o que é conveniente para sua vida diária.
-Ponteiro luminoso , faz com que a escuridão não seja um problema para você verificar o tempo mais.
-Espelho Hardlex , resistente a arranhões e resistente ao calor, também oferece uma visão altamente transparente.
-Contracapa transparente , não é apenas um design de moda, mas também a confiança pela nossa qualidade.
-30m de resistência à água , protege o seu relógio de respingos e chuva, conveniente para a sua vida diária, exceto para natação e sauna, etc.
-Pulseira de couro genuíno de qualidade , confortável de usar e durável em uso, proporciona uma experiência de uso fantástica.



Comprimento da Pulseira: 9,75 polegada
Tipo de Material de Pulseira: couro genuíno
Largura de Pulseira: 18 mm
Material da Capa: Aço inoxidável
Forma da Capa: Redondo
Tipo de Fecho: Fecho de Pino
Diâmetro de Mostrador: 1,59 polegada
Ecrã de Mostrador: análogo
Tipo de Material de Janela de Mostrador: Hardlex
Características: Data,Dia,Luminoso
Género: Homens
Movimento: Auto-vento automático
Estilo: negócio
Profundidade de Resistência À Água: 30m

Dimensões e Peso

Peso do Produto: 0,0750 kg
Peso do Pacote: 0,2050 kg
Tamanho do Produto(L x W x H): 29,00 x 4,20 x 1,00 cm / 11,42 x 1,65 x 0,39 polegadas
Tamanho do Pacote (L x W x H ): 7,50 x 10,50 x 7,00 cm / 2,95 x 4,13 x 2,76 polegadas

Conteúdos do Pacote

Conteúdo do Pacote: 1 x Relógio Mecânico Automático

GUANQIN GJ16034 Relógio Mecânico Auto Masculino- White

GUANQIN GJ16034 Relógio Mecânico Auto Masculino- White

GUANQIN GJ16034 Relógio Mecânico Auto Masculino- White

GUANQIN GJ16034 Relógio Mecânico Auto Masculino- White

GUANQIN GJ16034 Relógio Mecânico Auto Masculino- White

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  • Paul
    Sim (0) Cor: White
    Initial thoughts - amazing value
    OK so this watch arrived this morning (7th), which is brilliant considering it was only ordered on the 1st of the month. Now based on the recent reviews both on here and on YouTube I was expecting a Miyota movement with a Hardlex crystal, but as you can see from the pictures it is actually the Seiko movement and whilst I would have been more than happy with the Miyota, I do like the second hand 'hacking' facility of the Seiko. As to the crystal, I've no definitive way of testing other than the 'waterdrop' test, but to be honest I'm not too sure that's really a good guide, but I'm really not that fussed. The faceted bezel adds a nice distinctive touch to the watch as it catches the light beautifully, as indeed does that wonderful sunburst dial. The watch has a classic and classy look on the wrist and would suit a variety of dress situations. Physically it sits well on my rather skinny wrist and looks rather classy and understated at the same. Any issues, well the day, doesn't quite line-up in the centre of the display window, but it's perfectly visible, the strap is pretty much what I expected but the butterfly clasp is much better - mine is the press button type and really secure, but it is new and only time will tell. On the GearBest site it states it is fitted with an 18mm strap, but it's 20, so given the variations; in movements, crystals, strap clasps, you are taking a bit of a punt, but I have to say that I would find any of the various iterations perfectly acceptable given the price. Up until this point I've only owned two brands of watch, Omega and Citizen, but I'm going to be more than happy to add this to my collection. Just be interesting to see how well it fares over time, my oldest watch is 48 years old and is still going strong and keep great time. I set this one by an app linked to the NTP time server Atomic Clock about 3 hours ago and it does seem to have gain a couple of seconds already, so perhaps on course for plus 16-20 seconds a day

    Nov 07,2018 13:35:57

  • Easy Decision: Buy it!
    Sim (0) Cor: White
    Best Watch Deal on the Internet. By Far.
    The Guanqin 16034 is not just the best bargain I've come across in years, it's simply one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. From the faceted bezel (each facet is one hour), to the sunburst dial to the NH35 movement, to the sapphire crystal. I'm honestly taken aback by the quality and value here.This was my first Chinese market purchase. I had heard horror stories of cheap crap passed off as somthing else, of people getting swindeled, etc... I bought this and the black ceramic bezel Cadisen for less than the cost of an SKX and figured, what the hell? I am VERY glad I did. Both watches are good bargains, but his Guanqin is by far the better watch. If you were like me, deciding between the two, get this one. (Or both like I did!)Unlike my Cadisen each of the spear point indices are perfectly applied. As far as build quality goes, I have exactly nothing to complain about. The band? Well. You know. It's a $50 watch, but, that said, the butterfly clasp works just fine. If I had one wish for this watch it would be 20mm lugs because the 18s make the face look just a little teeny bit too big. But thats me really digging for a drawback.Besides that one quibble my only other wish for this piece would be this: MORE STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM. I got the silver. Make this dial in a sun burst blue, I'll buy it. Make it in green. I'll buy it.Purchase with confidence.

    Sep 26,2018 00:13:16

  • Salvatore
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Prodotto bellissimo e di qualitá
    L´orologio nero, ha la faccia in un nero senza specchiatura della Luce. E molto facile da Leggere grazie alle due grandi lancette in bianco. Gli indici sono splendenti e si fanno notare appena gli cade un filo di Luce sopra. Il movimento e di qualitá indiscussa, proviene dalle officine di SII (TMI Seiko) e si lascia caricare con il movimento del polso oppure con la corona. Se si vuole spostare le lancette il movimento si ferma escludendo ogni imprecisione durante la messa a punto del l'orologio. Essendo un movimento automatico, prima di fermare l'orologio per muovere le lancette o cambiare la data ci si deve assicurare che lo si fa tra le 4 antepomeridiane e le 20 pomeridiane. O basta spostare le lancette nei due quadranti in basso vicino al 6, poi cambiare la data e impostare in seguente la ora attuale. E una regola comuna a tutti gli orologi Seiko, forse di tutti gli orologi automatici con rotore. Il cinturino e buono, ma se si vuole si puo cambiare con un altro di proprio gusto. Deve avere 20 mm di larghezza. E un prodotto buonissimo. Consigliatissimo. Bravissimo Guanqin.

    Nov 07,2018 10:13:13

  • Shaq
    Sim (0) Cor: White
    Great quality for the price
    Item shipped very fast, packed in box and bubble envelope. Quality is amazing, so far Seiko NH36A movement is loosing only 7sec a day. I did water test on crystal and It seems to be a sapphire. Dial is pretty with sunburst effect. Leather strap is better than I thought it would be, nice quality and comfortable.I have bought it on promotion for 42$ and for that price it's just amazing. There is a youtuber that moded this watch a little by changing hands and using a nato strap, looks even better.Cons:Lume on hands is terrible, like it's not even present. But since it's a dress watch it's ok.

    Sep 27,2018 08:24:24

  • Stefano
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Un ottimo rapporto qualità-prezzo
    Orologio automatico arrivato in tempi previsti quindi nulla da dire sulla spedizione. Per quanto riguarda il prodotto in sè sembra essere di ottima fattura: nessuna lancetta storta, quadrante interno al punto giusto e funzionamento come da descrizione ovvero automatico. Nessun problema neanche con il settaggio della data, ora-minuti e giorno. Il cinturino in pelle non è duro come quelli degli orologi da pochi euro che sembrano fatti di carta ma al contrario qui è morbido come dovrebbe essere ed anche piacevole al tatto.L'unico problema sta nel metodo di chiusura del cinturino il quale è ben fatto ma troppo macchinoso e non si adatta ad un orologio classico ed elegante come questo.

    Oct 25,2018 07:29:43

  • Nick
    Sim (2) Cor: White
    Great watch for modding
    I bought this watch to get into watch modding. It uses a seiko NH36 movement that has widely available handsets. My intention was to go for something a little more classy. I found a nice set of hands and a very inexpensive jubilee bracelet online. It was very easy to swap these out and I love the results.Pros: Great case, movement , dial and sapphire crystal.Cons: The watch band was just ok and the hands just seemed a little short to me. I like the minute and second hands to go all the way to edge of the dial.

    Sep 04,2018 01:11:28

  • Rafael Magallanes Quintanar
    Sim (2) Cor: White
    You can't go wrong with this watch.
    This is a fully automatic watch with a classic and elegant look. The watch has a Miyota movement with date/day complication that it is a work horse. Take notice that this movement is not hackable, in other words the seconds hand not stops when pulling out the crown. I really think that you got more than the money you paid for this watch. In any other Japanese brand you must pay three or four times more. Many reviews say that the glass is sapphire but I don't have the instrument to test it. The watch includes a leather strap of 20 mm on butterfly deployant clasp. As a conclusion you get a classy, beautiful, automatic watch for a few bucks.

    Oct 22,2018 23:11:16

  • Confused4Horology
    Sim (1) Cor: White
    A slight disappointment
    Unlike in some of the reviews, my GJ16034 has a Miyota movement, not a Seiko one. The rotor of the Miyota is very noise, though that is typical. The butterfly clasp has buttons, so it is better than I expected.The water drop test seems to show the glass is sapphire. My biggest issue is that the indices and the chamfering on the bezel do not align properly (check the pic). Once you notice it, you will notice it every time you check the time. The lug to lug is very large (49mm) which might be too much for some wrists.

    Oct 11,2018 16:52:09

  • Anthony Schluter
    Sim (0) Cor: White
    Great watch and specs
    Mine has a Seiko NH36 movement which is incredible value on this watch. Microbrands with the same movements can be as much as $400.00 + This is an amazing watch for the money. I bought the "white" dial version. It is actually a silver colour with Sunburst finish. The watch case is pretty nicely finished, I received much more than I was expecting! Buy a new strap for it. See below.
    The watch strap is the only thing that is not great. It's not horrible but not great either. Not sure if it is a Sapphire crystal or mineral crystal, the description says hardelex which is a seiko crystal. Either way not bad at all!

    Jun 09,2018 18:24:34

  • D Davison
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Good but....
    The watch looks great and sits well on the wrist. I'd easily give it 5 stars if I'd received the Seiko movement but mine came with the Miyota. I still like the watch but I would've liked the accuracy and hacking of the other movement. If you're buying on the back of a YouTube video just beware you may not get the same movement as the reviewer. I'd also highly recommend getting insurance when ordering as my first order of this watch was stolen out the bag en route.

    Nov 12,2018 22:47:46

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