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  • 11
    great product excellent price, in principle I buy it by the posador but the micro gives enough quality for what it has cost me

    Shipping very fast

    Jan 30,2018

  • Brandon Williamson
    I really like the plot of this movie : the long history of a specific violin as it makes it way toward an auction, it's such an interesting story with different historical periods being shown

    Feb 09,2018

  • Brian Emershaw
    The story was intriguing because it spanned so many different periods and cultures -- all the while with great violin music, the characters were interesting as well

    Jul 24,2018

  • J. Chu
    Great plot, i'm not a classical music lover but the music in this film is outstanding, I really enjoyed this film but it is a long one ... three movies in one

    Apr 27,2018

  • Kulcsár Gergő
    Floureon mikrofon
    EU raktárból rendelve kb 1 hét alatt ideért, minőségi cuccnak tűnik szépen bevan csomagolva minden szivacsba ágyazva 6800 Ft-ért szerintem ajándék
    Egyenőlre semmi

    Dec 19,2017

  • Dimitris
    Good build
    Extra xlr cable for fantom power
    2 pop filters

    Dec 03,2017

  • J. Arango
    Interesting story spans over centuries via successive owners

    Jun 19,2018

  • James Florwick
    It wove four past stories interspersed with the present

    Apr 09,2018

  • J. Baer
    This is a great original story done romantic era style

    Apr 19,2018

  • Rafael
    Microfone barato
    Deveriam melhorar um pouco a qualidade do som, mas é um microfone bom para o seu preço

    Jun 24,2019