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  • Tamas
    Sim (0) Cor: Red
    Good product
    Has a reverse polarity protector diode on the 3.5 mm plug. Connected to the VIN pin of the Nano. It is perfectly fine to connect power cord and USB at the same time (because of the Schottky diode on Nano, for example when you want to use computer serial monitor). Center power regulator is only for 3.3 V pins in the board, not for Nano, it has its own working. Each pin has black (ground), red (VCC, so 5V) and blue (actual pin). This makes easier to connect sensors, modules, etc... Has I2C pins, and hardware serial pins. Did not try, but based on the side, unsoldered pins, may work with standards Arduino shields.
    Reset button was a bit misaligned, had to fix it. Legs of the 3.5 mm connector in the bottom are a bit long, I cut it, so the board can lay flat.

    Nov 20,2015

  • bmmseven
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    Great product, as expected
    The product is as described. It works and is brand new. I'm very satisfied adnd I would buy it again if I need.

    Aug 31,2018