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  • Caterina
    Sim (1) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    Quality/Price is absolutely good
    Install a good launcher from Google Playstore (I like ADW), go in options>applications and disable apps you don't use. Change wallpaper and put a clock on screen.. you'll have a very good android TV !It's fast machine considering price.For multimedia use, video full-hd and music is perfect.I use it connected to an ip-camera also for monitoring my home!For play games you need a controller.. but honestly for videogames is better a smartphone out tablet. More comfortable.If you've s low budget considering seriously to buy this android mini-pc.. it's OK!
    Only 1Gb of ram.. Not a so big problem but if you've too many apps open sometimes Kodi (for example) does not start.. you close some apps and Kodi start OK.

    Aug 12,2016

  • Elve
    Sim (8) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    BEST for price
    This is a great TV Box, pre-loaded with Kodi, so just plug in and go. Does everything that a more expensive box will do. For the price I thought is was worth a go and have not been disappointed. Although has a good remote I would suggest buying small wireless keyboard as will make entering searches a lot easier.

    Nov 24,2016

  • bilal tarfouss
    Sim (4) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    A computer that is easy to use Wi-Fi occupies all the sports channels across applications and new films Works with all kinds of new and old TV according to my experience with him thank you for a wonderful device
    Unfortunately, the device does not support the local TV channels here that does not include a place to set it on the satellite, but the five-star product

    Nov 14,2016

    Sim (1) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    Very Good Product and fast shipping!!!
    - Very fast in most applications. - Simple and usage UI. - KODI works perfectly. - Good quality. - Many ports for media Fast shipping from Top Seller!!!
    Nothing for me.

    Oct 21,2016

  • Jim
    Sim (6) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    -The package contains everything needed all for a small price -Very good response for it's worth -A lot of ports to connect devices, memory cards etc
    No cons just the included HDMI cable is of low quality and there are some screen blink issues. I've replaced it and everything is ok now!

    Dec 03,2016

  • Vadzim
    Sim (3) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    TV box
    Получил, подключил, наслаждаюсь. В боксе установлен Андроид, поэтому после смартфона все известно и понятно. Установил кучку приложений и вперед.
    Смотрите любимый youtube, megogo, tvzavr и videomix(интернет кинотеатры). Общайтесь в интернете через Skype, Viber и другими приложениями телефонии. Выполняйте серфинг через браузер, просматривайте почту специальными приложениями и многое другое. Вы получите все возможности Андроид устройства.

    Oct 20,2016

  • Ozz
    Sim (14) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    Box muito boa para o preço que esta, boa imagem, bom preço, fácil de usar, com 4 portas usb.
    Até agora nada..

    Nov 09,2016

  • Anthony
    Sim (7) Cor: Black Tamanho: AU Plug
    Great product
    Works well, easy to set up plays 1080P content really well

    Dec 09,2016

  • Anthony
    Sim (2) Cor: Black Tamanho: US Plug
    Good quality for not much money
    Given that this box cost nearly nothing, it performs exceptionally well. I give it 4 stars because it can be very useful as a secondary unit in a spare bedroom, but for "primetime" use, it's really only a 3-star. Comes with a (I think) stock Android 5.1.1 using a minimal proprietary "MediaBox Launcher" to move around (there's 2 other launchers available). It's already rooted, comes with Super Su (which you need to install yourself, but it works properly). It has a very minimal Linux systerm (it's not Busybox) and I haven't figured out the root password yet, but it has a root user. Google Play (the "Market" if you want) is pre-installed, as is Google and Gmail and Facebook (the latter I quickly removed). The remote is pretty crappy. I've got a w-Shark wireless keyboard and a Nyxboard, both of which are way more useful. YMMV. The HDMI output plays cleanly through my Pioneer home-theater amp and fills my 50" Haier 1920x1080 @ 60Hz cleanly. Comes pre-installed with a beta-version of Kodi Jarvis designed for 3D and 4K stuff that I don't have. BUT - it won't play anything but 16:9. It refuses to play my 2:35 material ("scope," we used to say). I installed Titanium Backup (nicely) and backed up and tried the "stock" Kodi from the Market, and THAT played my 2:35 but refused the 10-bit "Snowpiercer." Later today I'll try to squeeze in a Kodi Krypton 64-bit; see what eventuates. This box _could_ replace my Zotac (which cost $200 more than this) -- the video output is crisper and the blacks are truly black. It doesn't have enough RAM for most heavy-duty action scenes. Watch Snowpiercer, you'll see what I mean. Good value for money, nonetheless. Not for amateurs.
    It's all in with the "pros". One pro usually leads to a con with Android.

    Nov 15,2016

  • Luis Maia
    Sim (0) Cor: Black Tamanho: EU Plug
    H265 4k
    In this world of smart TVs with huge sizes and great resolutions in order to enjoy the TV to its fullest you will need a capable TV Box to manage your entertainment on those big screen TVs. Scishion V88 comes to your rescue with a 4K capability and Android support to fulfill all your entertainment needs at crystal clear resolution so that you can sit back relax and enjoy the content peacefully. The Scishion TV box comes with a RockChip RK3229 processor giving you reliable performance with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor teamed with ARM Mali-400MP2 graphics, supports 10/100M Ethernet, HDMI 1.4b, and 10-bit H.265 2160p video playback. It boasts of a 1GB DDR3 RAM, and 8GB of eMMC Flash, which is advantageous in performance, security and reliability, ascribing to the eMMC memory, ultimately delivering a richer end-user experience. The latest in a line of broadcast and media resolutions, 4K is due to replace 1080p as the highest-resolution signal available for in-home movies and television. With a minimum resolution of 3,840 pixels by 2,160 pixels, making it the equivalent to two 1080p screens in height and two in length. The Scishion V88 supports 802.11 b/g/n wireless standard, among which 802.11b has a maximum bandwidth of 11 Mbps, 802.11g 54 Mbps and 802.11n 150 Mbps. It also has an RJ-45 slot for ethernet connections and 4 USB hosts.It comes with Android 5.1 installed giving you access to download variety of applications. At a price point of only $32 Scishion V88 is a steal deal right away for entertainment lovers.
    Only 1GB of RAM

    Aug 25,2016