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FLOUREON Kit de 1 X 8CH 1080P 1080N AHD DVR + 4 X Exterior 3000TVL 1080P 2.0MP Câmera Segurança EU
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FLOUREON Kit de 1 X 8CH 1080P 1080N AHD DVR + 4 X Exterior 3000TVL 1080P 2.0MP Câmera Segurança EU

- Preto 211988601

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  • Kiyomich
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Purchased this unit to replace an older failing system, first impression was that everything was packed very well and the feeling/appearance of the cameras looked to be solid compared to my other unit, the installation was pretty straight forward with placing the DVR where you want it and running the cables from the unit to each camera, the power injector is built into the DVR which makes it much more convenient, the night vision works good for reasonably close, the mobile app works well, setup was much easier than I expected for connecting over the cell network, that was probably the easiest setup I have done with these DVR systems, the search function does work a bit differently and might be confusing at first with how it breaks up the time line compared to other apps ... but this is just a personal preference, all in all ... easy setup, great image quality ... all worth the price of the unit, I have only had to reach out to customer support for a few questions regarding capabilities of the system with how I wanted to set it up and they have been very responsive

    Oct 09,2018

  • The Pop's
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    They give much better quality video recordings and the response times are far better, this means you are stuck with that location whereas a wireless system recorder can be moved around, they were very responsive but unable to resolve my issue and wanted access to my system, I did not feel comfortable with that and finally resolved the issue myself, the video quality is great and the night vision quality was very surprising, I ended up purchasing three more cameras for my system one camera as a spare, you can set regions where you want to detect motion to eliminate the motion of trees and shrubs but there are way too many false positives !!! I have spent hours testing various settings and found that you can do little to eliminate false positives with this system, I am happy with this system and have learned to overlook the motion detection problem

    Apr 04,2018

  • blackelt61
    Sim (1) Cor: Black
    Good quality system - Great shipping service
    Great shipping service! I didn't know that Gearbest has a store in Rome too. I ordered the DVR on November 3rd and received it on Novemer 5th.
    I am really impressed.
    Regarding the DVR system itself, it is quite easy to install and configure.
    The only difficult part is running the cable to reach the cameras, but I prefer this solution to the WiFi systems, anyway.
    The Motion Detection system has too much false positive events, especially during the night when the IR leds are on and all the flies, mosquitos and oter insects are going mad around the camera. There is very little that can be done for this problem. If the place that you are watching is not completely dark, you can turn off the IR leds to get much less false positive events.
    Very good system for the price, anyway.

    Nov 07,2018

  • Fred W
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    I am writing this review because I read many reviews of others on many security systems before deciding on this one, the reviews were instructive and very helpful so I wanted to take the time to submit my own review, from what I have read the wireless cameras do not have the picture quality of a hard wired camera and picture quality is paramount in my mind if you are investing the time and expense to install a security system in the first place ; and as it is difficult enough to run cables to each desirable location for a camera, no separate power cable to run as with the coaxial signal cable type

    Aug 25,2018

  • Camacho111
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    I decided to purchase this system to replace the old setup I had setup where my cameras recorded to my home computer, this required to much user intervention and my cameras were all wireless thus reducing the quality that I was looking for, I am pretty handy and have a background in computers so maybe I'm ahead of the game but I think this system should be easy even for a novice, this was the hardest part of the job, i'm very happy with the purchase and looking forward to years more of no hassle

    May 21,2018

  • Darrell Catmull
    Sim (8) Cor: Black
    This is a good system and a great value, I got this PoE system because I was tired of my wireless WiFi cameras another manufacturer dropping out quite frequently and I knew hard wired PoE systems are very dependable.Yes, the daytime image quality is outstanding, night vision is reasonably good but not as crisp as other systems I have had, they seem to emit a more diffuse light compared to a more focused IR light on my earlier system

    Jul 02,2018

  • mier
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    An internet search provided the answer : I had to go into my google account and allow an unknown less secure app to access ... problem solved, some wil complain of poor image quality, that the cameras can be set as `` fluent'', it turns out that this setting uses a lower resolution to allow more facile communications via internet, the image quality is quite striking, a nd I hope that someone can get set up going a bit easier after reading this

    Sep 11,2018

  • Martin
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Floureon security camera kit
    Great security cameras kit for its price. NV is nice. Cameras feel durable. Easy to get going. Everything you need is in the package. I hope it will serve long time. Nothing more to say really, required characters amount is too high sometimes you know?
    At this price - nothing.

    Jul 17,2018

  • Panther3535
    Sim (6) Cor: Black
    Took me a little while to configure it to my liking but after it was set up I really enjoy being able to remote into the cameras throughout the day to check on packages, as someone who constantly worries this has literraly helped me sleep better at night knowing I can check on my surrounds at any time of the day

    Aug 10,2018

  • Allen
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    good performance by this camera.
    Simply use a network LAN cable to connect first time and then change setting to WiFi from the app. This is easiest method to connect this camera to WiFi. Photo result is good enough. Video result also satisfactory. Night vision was also tested and found satisfactory. Overall, good performance by this camera.

    May 20,2019

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Seja o primeiro a fazer uma pergunta. Quer Pontos GB? Basta escrever um comentário!

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