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  • V
    Sim (1) Cor: Black
    Good value for money on an Automatic Sub homage
    - It is a non expensive way to experiment a similar style case of the submariner and see if it sweets your taste;
    - It is a non expensive way to explore new colours within Sub style without braking the bank;
    - it works and is automatic for less than 20Eur;
    - I Like the sunburst dial and the bracelet is not bad at all.
    - nice markings on the bezel;
    - decent cyclop;
    - overall quality considering the price asked;
    - nice back case with a signed rotor !
    - I am getting + 18sec to +30 sec./ day, which i consider good taking into account the price of this timepiece;
    - fun watch to wear in an unpretensious way: it is not a submariner (no one will think it is), and it is not a fake Rolex replica.
    - Confortable even with the bracelet;
    - Client care is unexpectadly efficient; the first watch i received was not working, i had presented a claim and GB replied quickly; after 3 or 4 emails and a video of the defect, they send me another one in warranty.

    - quality control: the first watch was defective (GB replaced it with no cost). You should be lucky to get one with no issues and running well;
    - a lot of play on the bezel (did not expected better at this price range);
    - case is not stainless steel,only the back case;
    - At 43mm the case is a lot bigger than the original Sub;
    - Ridiculous "perlative ceronometer officially certified" wording on the dial; should stay without any words;
    - question mark on the reliability medium / long term: but bear in mind this is a «20eur watch.


    A fun watch to wear considering the price, as long as it works properly (plus 30sec./day is reasonable to me in an automatic watch that costs less than 20Eur.)

    It is up to you to conclude if it worth your money.

    Oct 05,2018

  • Tom
    Sim (7) Cor: Black
    Great watch for the price
    Is this a 5 star watch when compared to all the watches in the world? No, definitely not. It is a 5 star watch when you pay less than $20 for it? Absolutely. For those of us that love the look of a Rolex Submariner but can't afford one or don't want to pay thousands, we look to other options. Other options can be similar diver watches from Orient, Seiko, Steinhart, and more that can cost anywhere from $150 - $1000 for a really nice "homage" watch or diver watch with similar characteristics. I currently have some Orients that I really like, but wanted to more variability in my watch box. I saw these on YouTube and thought "why not"? I always wanted an all black diver and a diver with a white or silver face, but didn't want to invest $100's (or $1000's) in a watch that I would not wear a lot or I was not sure I would like. These really fit the bill. For $20 for an automatic watch that looks fantastic on the wrist, go for it. It is also a great "try before you buy" if you want a more expensive watch in similar style and color. Spend $20 and wear this for a month, if you still like the style and want to invest in something long term, you can be sure what you want to purchase. For a true, quality watch that will last years, buy something else but spend a lot more.

    Overall, you cannot go wrong for $20 to add some variability to your watch collection or get started with some different watches if you are into it.
    So you what you are getting into, here are issues with the watch:

    - Bracelet - It is light and kind of flimsy, but not much worse than I have seen on watches for $100.

    - Date "bubble" - It does more to make the date harder to read than magnifying it. I really don't care, but it may drive you crazy, especially if this will be a watch you wear every day and are used to using the date function on your watch.

    - Lume - It has no lume at all. No big deal to me. I don't plan on using this where and when I would need lume. I think lume on an automatic watch is overhyped anyway. It never lasts all night on any watch I have owned so I don't count on being able to wake up in the dark or be out in the dark and use the lume.

    - Date Setting - It is hard to get the crown into the right position to set the date. Takes some playing around to do it.

    - Reserve - Watch will not last overnight on power reserve, so plan to set it in the morning. No big deal to me, I usually wear different watches daily so I am used to setting one in the morning as they may sit for a while.

    Feb 17,2018

  • Wellington
    Sim (0) Cor: White and Black
    Lindo Relogio
    Muito satisfeito, lindo adorei o relogio
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    Muito satisfeito, lindo adorei o relogio

    Jan 15,2019

  • John
    Sim (0) Cor: White and Black
    Rolex Homage for less than USD 18
    I got this watch after Jody's Recommendation on his channel (Just one more watch), I am very excited to share my experience, below you will find my observation on this watch, Photos and videos.

    1. The watch weighs 136gms (default) with all links and you will feel the watch on your wrist all the time, even though the bracelet is comfortable and strong the clasp looks weak and you might feel it may not hold its weight evenly, so i decided to get myself another bracelet (not in this pics)

    2. The max power reserve i got was 32hrs 45mins on full wind and it was NOT constant all the time, sometime it was 31hrs upon full wind and sometimes 32hrs, however you will get atleast 30+ hrs of power reserve on full winding. After 20-25times of wind you will feel a hard resistance just like in manual mechanical watches, but it does let you to keep going further.

    3. I have compared Tevise side by side with my Tissot Seastar 1000 powermatic 80 and you can see how both looks, one is a USD 18 watch another is USD 700.

    4. You can use for everyday wear and dont worry about any damages as it is easy to buy another one than repair.

    5. overall i am satisfied with this watch and i definitely recommend all.

    Dec 13,2018

  • Wolfram Metallic
    Sim (3) Cor: White and Black
    An amazing example of Submariner homage...
    ... at the low/lowest price range of the market.

    From the initial looks & feel, there was nothing lightweight or lacking about this TEVISE homage for the Submariner. It was nicely proportioned and appropriately hefty when taken out of its box.

    It's not a counterfeit but a decent homage, and I was amazed that for $23 this including a working automatic mechanism!

    The finish was decent and even better than I initially thought as I missed the plastic protective film applied over the rotating bezel as well as along the stainless-steel bracelet.

    The see-through back with the automatic watch movement is a nice plus. I don't know much about watch construction but I was wondering how it was sealed or bonded in place given there didn't seem to be any rivets or visible seal.

    I don't know about the actual water-resistance capabilites and have heard of some warnings regarding the claimed 3 ATM certification. I don't dive but usually out of habit keep my watch on even in the shower. If it ends up leaking, it's not like I'm going to be freaking out over $23.
    If it's for gift giving, the box is a nice touch. Solid, traditional with tags and a nice 'pillow' for the watch. I guess watch collectors like the boxes too. However, I chucked mine out right away. If TEVISE or Gearbest as the retailer were looking to shave even more value out of their rock-bottom offering, I'd offer the box as an option.

    As others have pointed out [ keeping in mind the extremely low price point ]:

    The rotating bezel is a bit "loose". Getting it tightened up would be a big plus.
    I wish I had a better idea of its actual water-resistance; but I'll eventually find out , I guess.

    If I want the assurance of some actual water-resistance and wish to move up a level in terms of build quality, it'd make sense to look at Invictus or if Tevise makes one with a Japanese automatic watch movement ...

    Jun 02,2018

  • Simon
    Sim (1) Cor: Green
    Best inexpensive watch with no doubt!
    First of all, in order to be fair with this watch, don't call it CHEAP! It is not cheap, it is inexpensive, which is different! As far as I consider, there are lots of pros:

    - Amazing Price and Shipment to Italy (7 days for 22€!)
    - Box is very very beautiful! Good presentation for an inexpensive watch!
    - Automatic movement!! Silent and very smooth
    - See-through case back: just amazing in a 18€ watch!
    - Construction: made up with good materials
    - Tons of refines for a inexpensive watch
    - Very shiny
    - Amazing Dial
    - I like the crown is "protected" by the watch structure and there is the engraved Tevise logo on it
    - Lume is very good
    - Power reserve: I read tons of review before buying, many of them said that power reserve was roughly about 4 hours.. That is not true on my experience, mine has at least 8 hours and recharge is really fast
    - Bracelet is good but not outstanding, but if you consider the price, is just fine. I'm considering to change for a more fashionable green perlon strap
    - Easy to remove links
    - Bezel rotates with no problem, even if it slightly moves
    I think that cons cannot be considered in a 18€/20USD watch!
    Just in order to be critical I'd say:

    - I don't like the "Perlative Cerenometer" write on the dial: seems kind of fake. But hey, you have to know that it is there, a generic observer would never spot this

    - There is a slight rotation of the bezel if you touch it

    - Magnification is not that good

    Jun 26,2018

  • EGEidal
    Sim (0) Cor: White
    Not bad for the price...
    As I bought this one as an experiment, I didn't expect all that much. It's a $20 watch after all. And has some glaring issues. The bezel is rattily and almost loose. The movement is VERY slow. Loosing almost 120 seconds throughout the day. The power reserves are very small as it stops within a couple of hours of being off my wrist. The quick date set didn't work no matter how much I tried. And more...

    I honestly think I got a watch with a broken movement, BUT...that does not matter to me, as I will probably replace that movement in a modding project anyway.

    I can, however, see why people like these watches. The build quality, except for the bezel, is actually decent and the bracelet is something I would expect to find on something 5 times as expensive. The bezel also looks really good. The loom is there, but not very good, but that is to be expected. It was good enough to rival some considerably more expensive watches.

    So...for the price...IF you get a movement that works properly...this could be an ok beater watch. Just buy a new one when this one is all banged up. I actually quite like the looks of it.

    Jan 15,2019

  • V
    Sim (0) Cor: Golden
    Great watch for the price
    For the price you pay this watch is an absolute bargain. I have both the gold and the silver version. The pin on the clasp came loose on the silver version and fortunately I noticed before the watch dropped off my arm. The rotating bezel is a little loose on both watches. I take the watch off before I go to sleep and it will not hold a charge until the next morning unless I wind it up (10-15 turns are sufficient). The biggest con for me is the "Perlative Ceronometer" text on the watch face.

    Now that the negatives are out of the way I will focus on the positives. The watch feels and looks far more expensive than it is. I have received several compliments for the watch. It came in a very nice box and would make an ideal gift. The watch was covered in protective plastic film which protect it from any scratches. The see through back which allows you to see the mechanism is a nice touch. For everyday wear I prefer the silver version, the gold version is a little flashy but this is just my opinion. For this price you cannot go wrong for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

    Sep 12,2018

  • leonardo
    Sim (0) Cor: White and Black
    incredible for the money
    ho acquistato questo orologio 5 mesi fa. devo dire che mi ha veramente stupito. il video mostra i danni dopo 5 mesi di uso quotidiano . L' orologio viene costantemente sottoposto ad immersioni ( sono un istruttore di nuoto ) e , nonostante sia garantito solo per gli schizzi d' acqua non ha dato problemi. il braccialetto risulta solido e con delle buone rifiniture. il movimento molto preciso ( perde circa 30 secondi al giorno ) e la ghiera abbastanza solida e precisa . Lo consiglio a chiunque cerchi un orologio bello per tutti i giorni e a chi ne cerca uno da modificare senza spendere troppo .

    I bought this watch 5 months ago. I must say that he really amazed me. The video shows the damage after 5 months of daily use. The watch is constantly subjected to diving (I am a swimming instructor) and, although it is guaranteed only for splashes of water, has not given problems. the bracelet as pretty solid with good finishes. the movement is very precise (loses about 30 seconds a day) and the bezel is quite solid and precise. I recommend it to anyone looking for a nice watch for every day and those looking for one to mod without spending too much money.

    Oct 25,2018

    Sim (0) Cor: White and Black
    TEVISE T801A Homens Relógio Mecânico
    O relógio de pulso para homens tem forma de engrenagem e alça de aço inoxidável. A função pensativa inclui exibição de data.

    >> BRINDE CAIXA <<

    Detalhes do Produto

    > Pulseira de aço inoxidável
    > Mostrador de Liga
    > Fivela de gancho
    > Resistência à água

    Especificação Geral

    Marca: Tevise
    Modelo: T801A
    Material da Capa: Aço inoxidável
    Display: Analógico
    Movemento: Relógio mecânico
    Forma do Mostrador: Volta
    Visor: Vidro mineral

    Materia de Pulseira: Aço inoxidável
    Tipo de Fecho: Fivela de gancho
    Resistente à água 30 metros

    Peso e Tamanho

    Tamanho de Mostrador: 4,3 x 4,3 x 1,4 cm
    Tamanho da Pacote (L x W x H): 10,00 x 10,00 x 6,00 cm / 3,94 x 3,94 x 2,36 polegadas
    Peso do Pacote: 0,3500 kg
    Tamanho do Produto(L x W x H): 24,00 x 4,30 x 1,40 cm / 9,45 x 1,69 x 0,55 polegadas
    Peso do Produto: 0,1350 kg
    Tamanho de Pulseira: 24 x 2 cm


    Aug 03,2018