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  • Krumholz Max
    Sim (0) Cor: Natural Black
    Good robot working with Map and Vacuum cleaner
    Very good Suction 2100 Pa - can recharge himself do it now! Recharge if you have only 20% until 80% and start again- after a little period goes enough time. Good price. much less when my previous robot. Scheduling working well! 3 options - map and clean 550ml mapping and 550ml dust and best 2 in 1 dust 300 ml water tank 200ml. Have a Laser 360 degrees system.
    Work with Mi home App can manually control the robot. Disadvantage only 1 you need what kind of cleaning you want. Floor Types: Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Marble Floor, Shag Carpet, Tile Floor, Wood Floor. Climb Capability: 20mm can be more! with rags, it can be a problem because it has less when 20 mm. 3 levels of control of water. It can divide rooms with virtual walls and blocks. 12 sensors. This is my 2 video of the robot.


    Feb 24,2020

  • Christa L.
    Sim (0) Cor: Natural Black
    Worth every penny
    I was totally amazed from the time I opened the box. It was all 100% quality. The packaging, the directions, the unit and spare parts were above and beyond what I was expecting to see. The vacuum itself is very well made and not a cheap flimsy product. And most of all...it works great! My home has plenty of dirt. It picked it up beautifully. I initially ran it for 20 minutes and checked the dirt compartment. Full! I was amazed at how much fine dirt it sucked up. I can not suggest one improvement for this product. I have already recommended it to friends. I would gladly suggest anyone who is considering a more expensive robot vacuum to buy this one instead. You will not be sorry at all.

    Nov 14,2019

  • Tina
    Sim (0) Cor: Natural Black
    Cute and Effective
    This was a whim purchase. Have only had for a few days. Had vacuumed with cordless just prior to setting robot loose for its vacuum. Was fun watching it traverse through all the table legs and corners as it wove its way through 3 rooms. Picked up a substantial amount of dirt & stuff. Then set it later for another single room. Got stuck under a dresser. May have been an extension cord involved. Unstuck the robot. It finished the job effectively. Can't judge it long term yet, but if it lasts, I'm very happy with this purchase. It will be a real hit.

    Nov 12,2019

  • Jake
    Sim (0) Cor: Natural Black
    This robot vac is so smart
    We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our VIOMI V2 Pro robot vacuum cleaner! We wanted something to help us keep the floors clean since we both work full time and this has been a total save!!! Each morning we open the tray and brush out the filter and put it back as it runs every morning at 2 am while we are sleeping (our bedroom door is open and we don’t even notice it). We make jokes the gremlin came clean for us! Love and would recommend it! I already told my sis about it and she bought and loves it as well. Excellent value for the money!!!

    Nov 10,2019

  • N. Campbell
    Sim (0) Cor: Natural Black
    Super efficient
    Wife was skeptical about this vacuum but it's surprisingly efficient. It's amazing how much debri collects on the floor each day and I don't have to lug out the big vacuums when this little guy will clean by itself. It did get lost trying to find home once, so I'll have to watch that. Also gets a bit dusty around the edges of the vacuum and I'll have to wipe that off with a cloth. It is very quiet and you will even forget that it is at work. I'm glad we got the unit and hope it stays durable and reliable.

    Nov 06,2019

  • Bill Jones
    Sim (0) Cor: Natural Black
    VIOMI V2 Pro Robot Vacuum Working Great and as Expected
    I received my robot vacuum this week and was so excited to set it up and get it going. The setup was very easy as well as the instructions were clear. I started with a small room and it did great job. All did super as well. I was amazed at the amount of items it picked. I thought the floor was much cleaner!! So far I am very pleased of the performance and price I paid for the unit. I will recommend it to my friends and family.

    Nov 04,2019

  • John
    Sim (0) Cor: Natural Black
    Très satisfait
    Je très satisfait de son fonctionnement et de son algorithme de passage.
    Peu de bruit par rapport à un aspirateur traditionnel, et aspire très bien. J’ai même été étonné, j’étais sceptique quand à ce genre de robot. Mais j’ai changé d’avis.
    Pendant que je vais au travail je le lance, et ça me change la vie.

    Mar 05,2020

  • JVJ
    Sim (0) Cor: Natural Black
    Definitely recommend
    I like that it isn't tall and can actually get under a lot of furniture. Considering the price, I definitely recommend getting this thing. You will love having it in your life.

    Nov 09,2019

  • Lee t.
    Sim (0) Cor: Natural Black
    Amazing value
    I have all hard flooring in my home. This is a game changer! Proof is in the dust bin. The amount of debris it removes is great! Very satisfying to watch it work and empty dirt.

    Nov 13,2019

  • Ramakan
    Sim (0) Cor: Natural Black
    I like this vacuum
    I choose VIOMI V2 Pro due to it having a lower profile, more suction power, easy cleaning and lower noise level. It didn't get stuck under furniture. The start up was easy.

    Nov 03,2019