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  • Welch Moore
    A good mini beamer
    Great projector!!!This reasonably priced projector is simple to use and works well. It can fit the bill for movies or games. It can work on a large screen or something smaller for a closer gathering. I am impressed by how easy it is to use. I connected it via hdmi to my laptop, turned it on, pulled up a show and there it is. It has decent focus and is also pretty easy to straighten out. The sound coming out of the projector is also impressive but it does have options for connecting to an external audio device. The remote control works easily with the projector and laptop. Overall this is a good projector at a very good price. It says 20,000 hours of use...this would be great. I remember always having to replace the bulb on an older BENQ projector to the point that I stopped using it. I am hopeful for durability with this device. It does not come with any type of case for it or the cords and remote,so that is something to consider.

    Oct 27,2019

  • Omer
    Compared to the projector i bought a few years ago. This projector is much better this projector is less bulky and much more affordable than the previous one. It's easy enough for children to wear it in cinemas. Or when we held our mini-game tournament.

    Oct 25,2019