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  • Tyler
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Amazing tablet at an INCREDIBLE PRICE (at time of purchase $220)
    Decided to just go for it cause tablets in Canada were priced too high in comparative to tablets overseas. Spec wise you're getting a much better tablet than you can get from samsung or any other north american company for the price. This thing hasn't lagged at all on anything (games, mkv video's, youtube, or anything i've thrown at it). This has also drastically changed my opinion about Chinese companies and the quality of the products they produce. I'm now heavily a Xiaomi fan and have already purchased a phone (Redmi Note 5) and am also loving that compared to my motorola device (Compared to my Moto G5 plus both the tablet and phone feel next-gen). Pros:-FAST!-Plenty of Memory and Storage for games and files-Screen is beautiful! (sharp and high color accuracy!)-Charges pretty dang quick (2 hours roughly depending on what's left)-AC wifi standard is really quick!-Latest android and constant updates-Type-C connection-Speaker is loud and sounds great!Cons:-Camera (But who really uses one on a tablet anyways)-Only stereo speakers out one side of the tablet which kinda sucks but still with the quality of the speakers and volume they produce I'm having a hard time finding this as a con.Overall I don't regret my purchase and buying from Gearbest. This was my first big purchase from them and I would say I had a good experience in the end. Priority shipping for Canada (Which seems to have been removed because of our postal strike even though it's over... was super fast and I wasn't charged any import fees).

    Dec 17,2018

  • Enrico
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Software wise is fairly bad
    This tablet has some interesting features, the most important I feel to stress is the absolute joke that the face unlock actually is: I was able to reliably unlock the device, almost better sometimes, using faces of friends and random people around me. They could have went for the fingetprint sensor instead.As far as the device goes it's aesthetically pleasing and minimalist, not too big to hold, use and carry. Software wise the chinese MIUI isn't the best android flavour there is: the party's chairman is pretty keen in preinstalling a lot of ever running apps which have often not ridiculous permissions, which are set in stone. Of the 3 GB of ram available I've got for myself around 900MB thanks to all this bloat.

    Dec 12,2018

  • Társio Macedo
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Best tablet I ever bought!
    (English... sorry for any possible mistakes)Tablet of excellent quality. High performance for gaming (snapdragon 660 supports many of the heaviest games) and efficient multitasking. Recommended for players who want to pay little and have a good gadget for games and also for productivity.I put here as a problem he does not have google play natively, which requires a process to install this feature in an alternative way.(Português)Tablet de excelente qualidade. Alto rendimento para jogos (o snapdragon 660 suporta muitos dos jogos mais pesados) e multitarefa eficiente. Recomendado para jogadores que querem pagar pouco e ter um bom gadget para games e também para produtividade. Coloco aqui como problema ele não ter o o google play nativamente, o que exige um processo de instalação desse recurso de forma alternativa.

    Mar 06,2019

  • Michael
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Original Xiaomi phone in original unopened box.Comes with stock Chinese MIUI ROM (no vendor ROM)OAT works and updates work without any problems.Sleek design, excellent build quality and materials used.Great specs for the price: SD660 / 3GB RAM / 32GB storage/ 8" FHD+ / 6000mAh.Great clear 8" 1920xx1200 screen.The 6000mAh battery lasts a long time.Great for surfing or reading something in bed and it's easy to hold even with one hand due to it's compact size.

    Feb 01,2019

  • Harshit Sharma INDIA
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Amazing Mi Pad 4 Fastest
    I Ordered this tablet as In india is not available so far. and I want the budget tablet and company like XIAOMi I can blindly trust since i am using for long time now.....This tablet is compact ...awesome design and must say can beat ipad in so many ways....I have ordered 3 GB , 32 GB storage and must say unbeatable performance , games like asphalt 9 and PubG running very smoothly...Thanks GEARBEST for proving me the same in limited time as I have chosen DHL courier ..... I recommend to all my friend and family to shop with GEARBEST

    Dec 27,2018

  • Rusti
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Я доволен
    Сделал заказ по Flesh акции, вышла вкусная цена. Заказал, 1,5 недели весело в статусе оплачено, потом еще неделю в статусе упаковка и тут бах приодит квиток на почту, забирайте.Коробка почти целая, немного замят уголок. Коробка в фабричной пленке. Загрузчик не разблокирован, после запуска программы мианлока и привязки планшета к аккаунту сказали ждать 360 часов. Боль и печаль конечно. Ладно ждем 15 дней.

    Nov 14,2018

  • fer
    Sim (1) Cor: Black
    the best that bought this table is great
    I just got my pad is great660 snadragon processorThis model is 3GB RAM and 32GB ROMaluminum port type C load in 2.50mit of 20%the battery is an awful lot hard loaded like 9 hours of screen playing games offlineplaying online like 5 or 6 hours depends on the quality of the gameI put a memory of 64gb I take it everywhere is highly recommendedputting googleplay is super easy just download it from its original page andrecommendedaaaaaa

    Nov 20,2018

  • malindi
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Mi Pad 4 WiFi version 3/32GB
    This tablet is great for its price, the biggest advantage is its CPU & GPU (Snapdrago 660 & Adreno 512) which make it desireable for all gamers :) Cons are lack of LTE 4G, lack of GPS and haptic feedback. I have received tablet with global ROM MIUI 9 version,i got dirict update to MIUI 10. Please consider it gives you approx 130-140k points in antutu benchmark, which makes mi pad 4 unbeatable for this price. I really recommend the brand and this model itself

    Dec 16,2018

  • Aleksei
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Tablet PC 3GB + 32GB
    Наконец-то получил Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Tablet PC 3GB + 32GB. Отличный бюджетник. Выбирал под акцию по цене, для просмотра он-лайн видео и не сложных игр. Для таких целей подходит на 100%. Отличные дизайн и эргономика. В рукках сидит отлично. Данной моделью доволен.Минусы - прошивка CN MIUI 9. Глобальной 10й не предвидится, Без гугл сервисов. Долго ждать разблокировки загрузчика.

    Nov 29,2018

  • Илья
    Sim (0) Cor: Black
    Mipad 4 Wi-Fi
    Доехал за 3 недели, был упакован в воздушный матрас. Долго общался с продавцом, в итоге до отправки сам продавец разблокировал загрузчик и поставил какой-то кривой кастом с поддержкой русского и гугло-сервисов, но ввод текста только на китайском. Странная прошивка какая-то. В итоге поставил русскую от МиРом.Упакован был в воздушный матрас, продавец подарил переходник на нашу розетку
    Может быть заблокирован загрузчик, связывайтесь с продавцом

    Nov 27,2018